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  1. I almost forgot. After electrolysis, you can easily see if those pieces are wrought iron and wrought iron chunks that size have good value for blacksmithing.
  2. The experts have spoken, not an anvil. If you want to see what it is and preserve as much original material as possible, clean it with a cleaning brush under running water to loose soil and loose particles and them clean it with electrolysis. There are hundreds of videos on Youtube on how to make electrolysis to clean iron materials. Then take few pictures of before and after and show us. Good luck
  3. If you want to see more details engraved on the surface of the anvil, I suggest electrolysis, but by the end of the process, it will clean the patina. The surface of the anvil is pitted most probably because it was exposed to the elements for many years. The experts have spoken and I totally agree with them, use the anvil as is, just wax/oil it to prevent rusting.
  4. SMP You want a bench vice "do it all" made out of heat treated 1045 steel (At least they used to be made of this steel) go for Heuer, made in Germany. If I could only have a single vice, Heuer would be it. They can take a beating, they will survive fine. They are expensive but probably you can get a used one, Youtube is loaded with videos on Heuer restoration, repair, maintenance and use. There is this Youtube channel under the name "Fireball tool" he posted a video "What vise is the strongest" you will see how strong Heuer vices are. Mild steel home made bench vises if built correctly are also very strong. Check the same youtube 'Fireball tool" channel
  5. Very good, very good indeed. With the experience you accumulated during this first built, now you can make another blacksmith vice more massive...with cheeks like a German vice
  6. The anvil looks very German like.
  7. JHCC Romantic idea you had. Use the cast iron anvil as a boat anchor a candle holder or a door stop and if you want so much to built a swage block by your self, use a chunk of mild steel. The term "Chinese cast iron anvil" does not sound good for my smithy and certainly not good for other people's smithies...
  8. I would go for electrolysis. Well I restored a German wrought iron blacksmith vise using electrolysis. Take a look at my videos on Youtube. Electrolysis allows you to get a nice finish on metal surface. I did not have a long enough tub for the leg/fixed arm, so I built a wood frame, and used 4 layers of plastic sheet to improvise a tub. It worked perfectly.
  9. Brewny, Take a look at this video I published on Youtube. I tried to use leaf spring as a top plate of an anvil but steel composition showed me why my decision was wrong. Leaf spring, most probably 5160 is almost unweldable as part of an anvil. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkQgx7GqU4M&list=PLxAZAWFQq-PWxctDvqAQJ-7rCpB6WK_WO&ab_channel=caotropheus I improvised and built several anvils throughout the years (take a look at my youtube channel), I have a real anvil 200 kg, but the anvil I use the most is a chisel from an hydraulic breaker I secured upright with a stand. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLsgFjkBQtg&ab_channel=caotropheus
  10. Check as well several spots of the top plate with a small hammer and/or ball bearing to see if there are no delaminations. Yes it looks like the anvil come out of a fire and was exposed to the elements for a long period of time.
  11. I made a small repair in my wrought iron German vice with 7018 rods. It was the first time I arc welded wrought iron I was surprise with the good results.
  12. Music? Now I am really confused...I never add music to my videos. I am a lousy video maker, I use a lousy camera and I am even lousier video editor...I really do not know what video you were watching. I made a playlist for this project and I think the heat treatment of the anvil (Part 5) and top plate steel selection (Part 2) are the most interesting. Is it possible that an hacker is using my YT username or links? Frosty the lucky, please, I am happy you comment my posts. I consider you one of key participants in IFI and your comments are always among the ones I learn the most.
  13. Frosty, I am lost and confused. Are you sure you are referring to my videos? I do not accelerate videos or show my self cutting drilling or welding stock... Beside that, my camera is not the best, I do not have a tripod or the best sound... People I think I introduced new elements in my videos when I present microscope pictures of hardenable steel interface after being welded with 7018 rods and what happens to this interface after being hardened. I think it is something new I never saw in any other amateur video/ amateur metal hobbyist like I am...
  14. I added just now one more video to the playlist, probably the most interesting (heat treatment) of the list.
  15. I am still editing videos. This is what I made so far... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aq6Cu67Cm6U&list=PLxAZAWFQq-PWxctDvqAQJ-7rCpB6WK_WO&ab_channel=caotropheus
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