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  1. Portuguese proverb: "Casa de ferreiro, espeto de pau" direct translation "Blacksmith's house, wood skewer" meaning, the blacksmith will do metal tools and makes them perfect for everyone...but, at home he neglects his own metal stuff or even never used them...
  2. Greetings In a recent trip to Bulgaria in the city of Plovdiv the Ethnographic Museum has an interesting blacksmithing section and this anvil was there in exhibition. Its height is about knee tall but there were no details describing origin or use. The big castings on the side of the anvil are bronze.
  3. caotropheus

    Buy or Pass?

    Pass price too high.
  4. Frosty, you're a genius! Now I only have to convince my wife of that!
  5. I was offered my flypress without counter weights
  6. Here it is ready to work
  7. 671jungle I know nothing about blacksmithing compared to the guys that posted their opinions above and believe me, they are a lot more knowledgeable than I am! Curiosity is a terrible thing that makes me invest a lot of time discovering the path of doing things instead of doing other things. Confusing, right? For example, instead of acquiring an anvil and invest my time forging and learn forging techniques, I just build my own anvils! I understand your drive to build your own post vice I encourage you to do it but make something simple to begin with, something you can disassemble and reuse later to improve your designs. There are examples for designs of leg vices in the internet and youtube has some videos. You can find more example, some better than others...
  8. caotropheus

    old vise

    For twenty quid it is hard to go wrong with such piece. Show us some side, bottom, front, back, jaws open pictures and probably someone here can give you more details. What is the condition of the screw and nut? does it open freely? are there any parts missing or cracks in the vice?
  9. The vice is secured by simultaneously being secured by the mounting plate AND at the same time the bottom of the leg as to enter the ground or the base it is attached to for a couple of centimetres. If the bottom of the leg can freely move, the vice will always wobble... take a look at this thread
  10. Cannon Cocker IDF&C is right. Get simple lump charcoal (just charcoal, no briquette, no accelerant) and you will see a world of difference. Actually, lump charcoal gives you a very clean fire and less scale on your metal when compared to coal.
  11. You know, without pictures/video, never happened!
  12. caotropheus

    Post vise

    Without pictures/video, never happened...
  13. You are missing either the keyed wedge or the locking wedge. I think the spring is in the right position. You can make a wedge easily just by cutting some metal with an angle grinder You can see here how this guy assembles his vice from minute 9:30
  14. Of course everyone knows that dividing "stuff" by 1/4, 1/2, 1/8, 1/12, 1/32 and so on, is much easier than dividing stuff by 10, right?... or not so much?! Link removed due to advertising.