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  1. caotropheus

    Anvil twins..

    Why this "blacksmithing" good stuff only happens to other people! What exactly is the colour for envy?
  2. Adding to Irondragon, use rail as is. The idea in blacksmithing is to keep as much mass as possible under the hammer in order to loose less energy as possible through anvil movement or flexing. In third world countries blacksmiths use improvised anvils and small anvils but firmly secured to planet Earth! Youtube videos and internet images show the most fantastic and beautifull rail shaped to anvil objects (very popular with viewers) but they are less useful than the rail used as a whole. Again read carefully and with full attention this thread Anvils shown here are ugly but more functional then a rail shaped as an anvil. Ooooh, an angle grinder is always a nice tool to have in the shop...
  3. caotropheus

    Sledgehammer as an anvil.

    You know the rules, without pictures/video, never happened!...
  4. caotropheus

    It followed me home

    Several bits and pieces that followed me home during the last couple of month: 1 - "dead steel" I found in the fields, broken harrow disk, rotavator blades, pipe cut-off, wrench, tank (or some other military vehicle) caterpillar pins, all sorts of pins. The ruler is 60 cm long. What steel is this caterpillar pins made of? 2 - Hand crank blower, a friend gave it to me, British Alcosa F40 gear box, F56 blower box. It Runs very smooth despite the gunk on it. 3 - Other friend gave this to me as well. It looks like a stand for a hand drill but it is massive. The ruler is 60 cm long and the stand weighs 30 kg. I do not know a hand drill massive enough to be used with this stand, so what machine was it used with? Looking for ideas how to use it beside with the hand drill...
  5. caotropheus

    Repurposing a soft anvil

    If the anvil is mild steel, you can hardface it like I did in my homemade anvil the anvil making video the hardfacing video
  6. caotropheus

    Scrapyard plate anvil?

    a - this is my question as well. b - Whenever I see a nice chunk of steel (like this one for example) first I take it...then I make questions...
  7. caotropheus

    two leg vise ?

    I do not intend to hijack the thread, this is other type of two legged vise I saw on Youtube
  8. caotropheus

    It followed me home

    Ausfire, Gentleman, as an entomologist, I have to insist that insects (and arthropoda in general), have their antenna located in fore part of the head, not on the thorax. Best use I have seen of a pipe wrench when not used for the propose it was created for...
  9. caotropheus

    Rusted bench vise question

    There are many Youtube videos about "vise restoration". I saw several of these videos that address issues you referred.
  10. caotropheus

    Home made Anvil

    Fuji, this is what I call a " Nice Chunk of Steel". I second other members opinions to use the anvil "as is" for a while and only then hard surface if necessary. If the block is mild steel and if you still insist, I suggest hard surfacing. To make a full penetration weld hard plate on the surface of such block, would require a lot of work and high amperage welding machine. Laying hard facing rod seems to me much faster and easier. If the surface is damaged, clean the damaged part and apply more hard surfacing. Take a look at my videos on youtube how I made my last anvil...
  11. caotropheus

    It followed me home

    "Got me self a new toe nail clipper!" At the packing house I worked a few years ago, the guys from the maintenance department called me and told me to take this guillotine before the arrival of the scrap metal people. Before they hang up the phone, I was already there! The ruler is 60 cm. It was made in Israel by a local manufacturer and has nice features even to cut 90 degrees corners in plate. It weighs above 100 kg. A die with different sets to cut different materials like angle iron T iron, square and round stock. It cuts plate up to 10 mm thick. What I do not understand is what is the symbol for the 12 mm ... probably you guys can help me on that. Thanks
  12. Lots of Fun to watch And the ASO did not break...
  13. I am most curious to see what research will tell us about the metallurgy and materials the manufacturers used to make this sword, what was their raw material origin, what was the environment this sword was made, landscape, lake depth and so on, and so on ...
  14. caotropheus

    A collection of improvised anvils

    HojPoj, How heavy is the hammer head? This is the anvil used in Nepal I thought on taking a heavy hammer head (like a 8 kg or 10 kg) to make the main body of an anvil, take a bit of round stock, rivet this stock into the hammer eye and by stock removal, shape a horn out of it...Fun project for a couple of guys with sledge hammers.
  15. caotropheus

    Anvil design?

    Steven511 Sorry that I am late...If you're looking for inspiration on anvil build go to Youtube and search videos with the following key words "homemade", "DIY", "Build", "Fabrication" plus key word "Anvil" and you will get dozens of very inspiring videos. First anvil I built was only edge welded and with time (and several thousands of blows) welds broke and anvil come apart. The first welds to break were the ones securing the top plate...