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  1. windancer

    Recent Axes

    Great work! Dave
  2. windancer

    wrought hook

    A Beauty, regardless of material!
  3. windancer

    Second Damascus project

    Thanks for adding more pics- we are image hungry fools here and WAY TOO MANY pics are always appreciated. You do excellent work and should be very proud of this knife! Dave
  4. windancer

    PICTURES of your hardy sleeves / hole size adaptor

    The new hardy if 1 1/8 inch, so having trouble finding and steel that size that is WAY over-priced. Found a piece of heavy tube that I sanded down until it would fit the hard and split the corners a touch. Just need to bend all 4 sides down now and it will be ready to go. Will post a Pic when I get it finished Dave
  5. windancer

    Anvil ID and info, please?

    Anything else we can tell him? Thanks, guys! Dave
  6. windancer

    Second Damascus project

    Beautiful! Dave
  7. A friend on the other coast asked for help with info on his old anvil- He says: Has 103 in big numbers..weight? Then has M __ US. HOLE . I know it is early 1800s at least. What can we tell him? Thanks, Dave
  8. windancer

    Two of my knives

    You should e proud of both knives! Job well done Thanks for sharing the pics and the info. Dave
  9. windancer

    Cleaning the old work table

    I worked in an office years ago- my trainer would see e making piles of things to do and always said "all you are doing is moving things- if you pick something up deal with whatever it is and put it away". Having a place where things 'go' helps keep the shop a lot cleaner. Dave
  10. windancer


    I am a steel feather fan. Lots of nice ones here! Dave
  11. windancer

    Custom Folder

    I like them both! Dave
  12. windancer

    Tools that pay the bills and feed the mouths...

    Very nice folder, sir! Dave
  13. windancer

    My twist project

    Some nice work showing up here... Dave
  14. windancer

    First Damascus hawk

    Gorgeous! Dave
  15. windancer

    Post vise stand

    The chain idea, from whoever, can be considered stolen again GREAT idea. Thanks for posting! Dave