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  1. windancer

    Knife Newb seeking input

    Very interesting thread. Enjoyed it a lot. Thanks for taking me along! Dave
  2. windancer

    New Work

    Gorgeous! Dave
  3. windancer

    started making bottle openers

    Beautiful! Dave
  4. windancer

    Memorial garden work

    WOW! Very impressive design and execution! I like it all very much. Dave
  5. windancer

    Card holder

    Very nice and different! Dave
  6. Nice work, BillO. You should be very proud of them! Dave
  7. windancer

    Set up my 9 incher

    It looks ready to use! Dave
  8. windancer

    First time forging copper.

    I like it. Made from whatever is at hand will work, too- silver, steel, brass, whatever ya got, is a great excuse for hangin' out at the anvil Dave
  9. windancer

    The Vise to end all Vices.

    Score! More pics after cleanup, please Dave
  10. windancer

    Results of first week of making

    +2 on the vinegar- saves a lot of sanding/filing. Good job for first attempts! Dave
  11. windancer

    PICTURES of your hardy sleeves / hole size adaptor

    I already far exceeded my lifetime ration of beer but another option- thanks! Dave
  12. windancer

    PICTURES of your hardy sleeves / hole size adaptor

    There are the folks I have grown to know love, complete with mouths Never been good with witty responses [too square] that take less than a full week [probably a 'knot head' comment here that contradicts that somewhere]. Frosty must be away from his PC... Do need to make a Brazeal-style hot cut that fit perfect, Glenn, can't work with a wiggle there. Dave
  13. The only REAL questions here, for me, are 'do I already have a power hammer' and 'Can I afford it'? Cool find! Dave
  14. Yup- what they said! Dave