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  1. Nice big ol' vise! At $4k that would be the most expensive I've seen.
  2. Full of envy here. I've been looking for a large vice and have only found one 8" Columbian but $1500.00 is more than I'm willing to spend. There are so many more tools, at this point, that would be more useful to me. Congrats, beautiful vise. Scott
  3. Thanks for the replies. I wanted to make sure they were useful for something and not just worthy of the junk yard.
  4. At work our large centrifugal pumps uses a set thrust bearings on the outboard end. The outer race OD is 7.25. The inner race ID is 6.35 and the bearings are 1.25 OD. What steel would these be made from and what would the uses be? Thanks, Scott
  5. Nice deal on the anvil! I like the old post and beam timbers too. Is that floor joist notches of were the beams repurposed for a different build? it looks as though your shop use to have a suspended floor. Scott
  6. With all of todays modern alloys and bonding materials would it be possible to use some sort of brazing rod, get everything super hot and set on a new top plate? I would think some brazing materials would be equally as durable as the wrought iron body. If this is a stupid question, just call it! Scott
  7. If I ever decide to buy 400+#er it will probably be a Gladiator. 3K should be enough! Scott
  8. I've read some pretty good reviews on them from satisfied customers. Retail runs around $700.00 plus shipping. It wouldnt bother me to pay that price if all observation and anvil inspection checks out. Scott
  9. People have different circumstances around home especially when it comes to free time. Me, family of six, some with special needs. It's non stop around here from the time I get in from work till the time we make it to bed. If there is 30 minutes a day of peace and quiet here it's a rare day. There will always be people who don't like a lazy question. What may be a lazy question for one person may not be for another. Some will voice there opinon and others will simply not comment at all. Some don't mind repeating things. When you're digging through junk you keep what is usefull and discard or shelve the rest. Same here. Anyhow, finding an anivl: I asked every person I knew and many I didn't about anivls for at least four months. People got tired of hearing me ask. All I found were dry wells. What I did find were heirlooms. My dad located one yesterday I was able to get for a good price. A week ago I saw and old acquaintance from my youth, who now owns a junk yard, he has six anvils ratholed at his house. I went by and looked at them when he was away and found two of them in useable condition. We haven't gotten together for the deal but it wont be long. If things seem dry today and you're persistent then rain will surely fall. Scott
  10. Around my area (Southern MS) it seems that Wilkinson/Queens Dudley anvils are common. Other than these it will be a mix of Fisher, Vulcan, a Trenton or two or something with no distinguishable name. Why would finding an imported anvil be more common than an American made anvil? I would think from the mid 1800s forward that American made anvils would be more predominant. Would this have something todo by living in a state with costal ports? Scott
  11. You can buy a brand new 165# Rigid Peddinghaus for $1188.00 with free shipping. If you wait till a holliday you may get 10-20% ordering from Zorro. Scott
  12. Do you have a picture of your Iron City 8 incher? I've found an 8 inch for sale but no markings I can see. Scott
  13. Thanks for the information. Scott
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