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I Forge Iron

How I've missed you IFI

Thomas Dean

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Whew! you're back! I had gotten by the cold sweats and trembles. But I was getting a little irritable, somewhat disfunctional, and just a little anxious. BUT now you are back, safe and sound. I haven't even had time to see if you are new and improved. Anyway, THANK YOU GLENN and ANDREW, I for one appreciate the hard work you do. Thanks

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Hip Hip Hurray!!!! It's back :D:D:D A Big Thanks to Glenn and all of you that keep this site going and up to date. I know it's a tough task at times but you folks do it so well!!!!!!

Now to let my eyes and mind drink in the sweet honey of knowledge gathered from this site.:) Might I add as well a Big Thanks to all of the members of this site for the wealth of knowledge that you are willing to share. Hopefully one of these day's I'll be knowledgeable enough to help out too.

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It is an interesting phenomena when you click on IFI expecting to be able to browse, and it does not come up. It's like when you used to go to the ice cream truck, only to find your favorite 50-50 bar has been sold out. The little boy in me hangs his head, and his lower lip sticks out, his shoulders slump and he shuffles off aimlessly. The questions is, how did this become such a large part of my life, and in such a short time? And what would I do if it went down forever? Glen, these are my honest sentiments, my gratitude is deep, and my expectations for the future are huuuuuge! Thanks for filling a hole I never knew existed.

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Is it up yet?....No.
How about now?....No.
Just thought I'd let you know how my day went yesterday.

If it weren't for this site(and the sights on this site) blacksmithing would still be a boyhood fascination for me so I'm very greatful to the admins and members who take the time not only to create and maintain such useful content but to also display their talents and share their wealth of knowledge with the rest of us.

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Thanks Glenn and all who help keep this ship underway, your time and dedication is greatly appreciated and I know I speak for most of us when I say we would be lost without you and IFI.
I'm on a few other forums and can say that IFI is the best, your dedication and commitment and hard work really shows.

Thank You!


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