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  1. This is Amazing!!! I work with horses everyday and this looks like a real horse that is "alive". What a great honor you have been asked to create and you have taken it seriously. Great job!
  2. They are still in business just not making new journals and have limited stock. They run specials every so often also, like this one. Tom
  3. Just wanted to let everyone know that Blacksmith's Journal is offering videos for 50% off for a limited time. Just got three of them in the mail today and I am impressed. I have only watched the first two and I am ready to get to work. Great quality and very informative, some of the best teaching videos out there and how could I have beaten that price :) Tom
  4. My hands have cracked real bad since I can remember. My dad's do as well but have gotten worse since he has been getting treatment for cancer. His Dr told him to use superglue on his hands. I was given a gift a few years back from a lady that works on fingernails in a beauty shop. She gave me a paraffin wax tub thing. It heats wax to liquid you put lotion on your hands, dip hands in the wax and wait 10min or so and break the wax off your hands and throw it back in the waxer. I cant believe I just wrote that, yes I wax my hands. It does work though and takes two to three days of just one time a day to get relief. You should have seen my dad's face at Christmas when I got him one. He used it and had mom call me two days later to tell me he has not had relief in eight years from his hands bleeding until now. You can get them at amazon or walmart. Don't knock the waxer off the table and onto the floor when the wax is melted, it makes a huge mess, and don't ask me how I know that. Hope it helps someone.
  5. tbarm

    Hydrolic Press

    Nice press! Would you mind telln me what size motor and pump you used, like brand and gpm?? I am starting to build my press and looking for more information. Thanks, Tom
  6. Thank you. It's very nice, I may try that on a pair if you don't mind.

  7. Regarding the indentation on the spur shank, purely done with files, no special hammer work or anything like that.

  8. Thanks for the info. I am talking about the 2nd or middle pair, just behind the heelband and in front of the rowel. You have a indention in the shank. I really like it!!
  9. I have wanted to make this one for years. http://www.blacksmithsjournal.com/archives/issue_172.php From Blacksmiths Journal May 2005 issue 172 in th archives. Looks like fun to make and very nice design. Tom
  10. Nice rack! I mean cool antler. I think you should do steel taxidermy for folks. Would last much longer than reg. mounts and be pretty cool to have your deer replicated in steel. Just a thought. Tom
  11. Nice spurs. Did you forge the notch in the shanks on the one pair, or how did you do that? I like it. Tom
  12. Do you want to shoe minis or just make little horseshoes? I have been shoeing/trimming Thumbalina, worlds smallest horse, since she was born. If you are needing shoeing help feel free to ask. You normally don't shoe minis though. Their walls are very thin, alot of times I just trim them or use acrylic. I glued shoes, rather aluminum plates..aka old roadsigns.. on Thumbalina for years, now I just use acrylic. I have made very small shoes before though. Make them just like the bigger ones only smaller. I would suggest making larger ones first though. The smaller they are the harder they are to make, they get sloppy on you. If you are going for function don't make a shoe make a plate, much easier and cheaper. Tom Adams
  13. Thank you guys!! Tenn, Colorado is a great place to ride. If I don't make it back this fall I plan on next year for sure. We have alot of big hills in Missouri but nothing like those huge mountains. It was amazing. Tom
  14. Thanks guys. Yes, you cant do much when your sick. Trust me I tried. The man I made them for requested the buffalo nickles, I like them too. The spurs, hangers, and buttons are just mild steel. The rowels are O1 tool steel, quenched in oil and tempered to a dark straw color for a good "ring". I turned the bottle-bobs from keystock. I took these to JP yesterday evening. He said well lets try these out. He had some homebrew beer iced down. We took the caps off with the spurs and had a nice glass of beer. It was really good!! Put a smile on my face to see it all come together. Then he gave me something a little extra, a picture. See about a two years ago JP, another guy, and myself went out to Colorado to ride our horses in the mountains for a week. We got to ride over the great divide. Well, we rode up on some guys taking pictures one day just by pure luck. One of the guys is a professional photographer, he has photos in magazines and such. Well he took our picture over a lake called heart lake. So JP had that picture blown up and professionaly framed with a nice letter tucked in a little pouch on the back of the frame. What a gift!! It made all that work worthwhile. I am working on a pair of spurs for my wife now. She barrel races so they will be a bit more decorated. Barrel racers like that bling and brightness. I will post them as soon as I get them done. I spent a few hours yesterday cutting her name and some stars out of Ok gold. Tom ps. Hope I didn't bore you with the story
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