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    New-Brunswick, canada
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    Been a woodworker,sculpter all my life. Its time to work steel now,finally!!
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    fooling around in my chevy truck
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    Right now i work in the wood truss industry

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  1. Hahaha thats a funny video! I suggest making something you can use and enjoy but if your making a decoration then this will do.
  2. Wow thanks for that video!! This guy knows how to get around in a shop. Whos going to build one? Im thinking of going hunting for some runners.
  3. Perfect!! Everything is spot on as to what a knife should be:D
  4. Haha Hofi, thats pretty original:p
  5. Thanks for the pics Hofi, Nice to see more great hammers coming to life.
  6. Looks like you had a busy weekend,Pretty unique blade eh.It should turn out good.
  7. element

    My son

    Hope he gets well soon:(
  8. Ya man that turned out great,good job:D
  9. I suggest getting the hofi hammer, Once you start hammering it feels weightless and so well balanced.I tried the hoffi technique on other hammers but it just dont work good and my arm get tired much quicker.
  10. Nice homemade lathes guys.Good ideas in there. One thing to remember with a lathe--NEVER wear a long sleeve shirt when using it--
  11. 2 bucks? Lucky you, ive got one of these for 225$ and a 3 hour drive to boot.
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