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So..............What did Santa bring?

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Christmas brought me a day with all 3 kids and 5 grandkids. We celebrete on Christmas eve.

I got to spend a 1/2 hour cold forging some dents out of some aluminium mugs for the local theatre folks. Seems they were a bit robust in their toasting and the ( I'm guessing) 24 ga soft aluminium suffered. This work was done in the basement ( in my house shoes). Nice way to spend a bit of time.

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I've got one of these NC Cavalry anvils in a UPS truck somewhere between North Carolina and Texas.....it's a 112 pounder....I thought that was big until I saw some of the momma's on here....

I got a Colt McCoy Heisman sweatshirt. When I told my wife "uh,..... he didn't win the Heisman" she said "well....the guy at the store said he was going to!!"

...... a stainless steel pot for my deer stews and chili and such. I ruined my other porcelin lined one dropping it.

......a Ruger Single-Six .17 HMR revolver....got it early in December but had to call it a Christmas present ;)

...... a beard trimming kit.

Merry Christmas All!

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"The Master Bladesmith" by Jim Hrisoulas, Mark Aspery's "Mastering the fundamentals of blacksmithing" book (santa's helpers still working on getting that one here), a couple of box set dvd's (modern marvels-engineering disasters and shockwave...both by the history channel)

and...... my new forge, still working on it....a three burner clamshell forge from Jay Hayes.

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Fresh brewed coffee, cinnamon rolls, watching the boys tear into the stack, was the best of all, yet the sport jacket, shirts and photo album from my family in Europe and California was great, but the Machete from Gerber, injected plastic handle, was something that really caught my attention, I damaged my last one on my annual trip to Belize. So this years trip is now properly outfitted, but looking at the design got me to thinking, I've got a lot of leaf spring stock.....Merry Christmas to all of you.

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Ho Ho Ho, I did good!
My feet, knees, and spine are fully afflicted with arthritis.
The length of time I am able to work while standing on my feet is limited how long I can stand the pain.
So this is what I got; A Metal Bar Stool Type Chair.
The stool will adjust to any height that I need.
It also swivels 360 degrees.
But what makes this stool different from most other stools is that it has a synthetic wood seat as opposed to a padded fabric seat that would catch fire.
So with this stool I can Stand/Sit to do my work at the bench or forge.
Now that is what I call a functional gift! But it seems odd, but Santa has my same name! ;)
Ted Throckmorton

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The company of great women, my wife Karen Grace, good health and a morning greeting from my shark dog Jake. A new full face safety shield, a new auto dark welding helmet, really nice one. Bunch of HD tall T shirts. A new Carhart jacket. Upon request, Santa got my wife a small honda Gen set that she can use at the camp, she loved it. A good looking chunk of bone-in prime rib for supper that we will enjoy with some friends that have no place to go for the holiday. A few hot toddies and I'd call this a great Christmas. All the best to you and yours gents.

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From My self: A 2.75 Forged Hofi hammer
From Mom & Dad: A Video camera, cloths, The Art of Blacksmithing, MouseHole forge by Richard Postman, Anvils in America by Richard postman , $200.00 for my new anvil
From My Nanny & Paw: $200.00 for my new anvil , and some cloths and other stuff
From My Granny J: $50.00
From my Uncle: $400.00 for my new anvil . plus some other stuff

And I still have another Christmas to go to saturday, I have enough now to pay for my new anvil , buy a chop saw, buy metal Tuesday , and enough to start saving for a swage block.
I had a wonderful christmas. I hope everyone remembers THE REAL REASON FOR THE SEASON though!
Merry Christmas,Chris

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For my self: Not shure yet
From step mom and dad: 150 for post vise, 5 hammers from fleabay, A new 100-130 pound anvil ( not shure yet),and some smaller stuff
From step moms mom: 4 pairs of tongs
From mom:cloths and $50
From grandma: $120 for smithin
From step moms dad:$50
From grandpa: $80

I scored pretty good this year and will save the cash for smithin stuff.
I agree with chris about the not forgetting about the real reason of the season!!
Merry Christmas,

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