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    been a hobby smith since the late '70's
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    metal and woodwork, guns, blackpowder and of course blacksmithing
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    RETIRED from ATT after 37 + years

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  1. check out this site you might find a better deal plus some of the other parts you might need http://www.surpluscenter.com/electric.asp
  2. I did make one its 4 inches sq with 1" plate on the top and bottom with a 1 1/4 hole on one side and a 1" hole on the other the holes ae blocked in on each side with 3/4 stock welded in place before the bottom was welded it weights around 25-30 pounds
  3. correct me if I'm wrong here but Mark says that because he uses a Brooks anvil it's made of cast steel. I believe he's said he has seen them split at the hardy hole. the brooks has a 1 1/4 hardy hole
  4. thanks for the scan going to make one when I get the time...
  5. scan your sketch in and post it so the rest of can make one ...(please)
  6. if you look to the right of screen from the link above there are links to the last 5 years or so
  7. amazon has it new for $41.50 ; also you can look at some of the pages of the book
  8. The Spruce Forge "manual of Locksmithing"A Blacksmith guide to simple lock mechanisms by bill Morrison and Dennis Frechette ISBN 0-615-11822-4 shows tools needed shows how to make Pipe locks,Spring lock, Trunk lock, Cupboard lock, Door lock, Gate lock. I got my copy from Nation Builder Books ,PO BOX 253 Leesburg, VA 20178 ,800 480-5808; www.NBBooks.com I believe you could adapt the information in the book to make what you want.
  9. use a small drill to drill a series of small holes around the edge and use 1/4 chisel to cut the web away also drilling a hole in the center helps to let the chisel move the metal out of the way ...a small chisel works a lot faster than a larger one
  10. thanks for the input guys ...taking it to the foundry now
  11. One of the guys in our Guild is looking into having some anvils cast ...on checking in Anvils in America I see where in the past anvils were cast of Vanadium steel,4140,4130,8630,ductile iron.,and H13. anybody have any suggestions as to what to have them cast from?
  12. Leather gloves are also bad to work at the forge with, as your hand sweats the the heat from the fire steam cooks your hand .
  13. for your smaller taps cut soda straws to make sleeves to slip over to keep sharp ...also Brownells sells clear plastic tubes and end caps up to about and inch ...
  14. has Brian changed the way he heat treats his hammers ...from the pictures only the face is hot ; thats a bit different than the way he showed us in the class he did on his odyssey around the country a couple years back.
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