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  1. Great news! Hang in there Frosty and Deb.
  2. Hang in there Frosty and Deb. We're pulling for you. Prayers sent. :(
  3. Heres one from Mark Aspery's YouTube chanel. YouTube - Induction Forge Show and Tell video
  4. "Hey! Remember me? Sitting over here in the corner? See this rust beginning to form on me? I need a little attention, dangit!"
  5. I've wondered the same thing. I'm looking forward to some more informed responses.
  6. If I had a clue that I was going to want to blacksmith back while my father was still alive I would have gotten him to show me a thing or 3. I really miss my father...he was a REAL blacksmith.
  7. Here is a link to the above mentioned PDF Mark sent me. Thanks Mark! Click Here-> http://www.possumholler.net/Asperyphotographyarticle.pdf
  8. The first picture with the lake and the hills is stunning. Also a fine bit of iron work. Nice!
  9. Pics, man. Take lots of pics. Oh...and post them to the internet. :D
  10. http://www.iforgeiron.com/forum/f7/free-blacksmithing-books-web-2032/
  11. I was gonna try one of those but I opted for $400+ worth of O/A equipment. If you get it let us know how it works.
  12. Thanks guys. I'll be pulling the carb and going with Ironhorse's "short and easy procedure" first. I'll also get a new plug, air filter and in-line fuel filter while I'm at it. And depending on how it well comes apart I may need fuel lines too. Failing that what do I need to ask for in a rebuild kit when I go to the shop?
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