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  1. I'm glad to see you here Jesse. I'll make you have a big yawn and tell you I ride an Electra Glide std. Chris
  2. Looking for ideas for a vetical stock storage rack. I would like it to be free standing and I have no problems lagging it to the floor. I typically buy my stock by the "stick" at a steel supplier and have to pop it in half to get it home.
  3. The best thing I ever did was upgrade to a 100# bottle.
  4. The tidewater blacksmiths website has a good write up for forging tool steel. Heat Treating Toolsteel - Tips - Techniques & Useful Information
  5. You get excited at the garbage transfer station when you see any of the following.. Empty disposable heilium tanks, those brown matteress bed frames, wash tubs
  6. Step #1. Go to the flea market and buy a few rusty cast iron pans. Step #2 Hang the pans from a tree in the backyard. Step #3 Find a serious sling shot. Step #4 Challange the wife...
  7. I'm still working on making the tooling from his book. Nice work!
  8. ChrisB


    Getting a bit more scaling on my work in the gas forge that I care to have. I'm wondering if there are hints on how to limit scaling in a gas forge. Running a Don Fogg style "blown" burner. Thanks Chris
  9. #1 Safety glasses #2 Hearing protection #3 Have a "hot" location for metal #4 Respirator for grinding #5 Work stops when visitors lack safety glasses.
  10. Iowa class battleship. Looking back that is the best time I had in the Navy serving aboard the USS Missouri. Dont ever pass on a chance to tour one of these awesome machines.
  11. Grizzly is hard to beat for the money. Look over the woodworking forums and you'll see lots of favorable responses to the quality of their stuff. Go their actual website they have unadvertised sales often.
  12. For me I found running venturi burners on a 20lb tank very annoying. I moved to a 100lb tank. If your forge is always setup and you have your forge where its going to stay. I would seriously consider just getting another "big" tank and just let the propane truck fill it.
  13. See my post titled "First Knife" over in the Knife making section. Also worked on a table base.
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