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Made this today, what is it??

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Its that thing you made to do something and you said it'll save some money and your wife wondered why you just didnt pay someone to do it for you and she thinks you'll hurt yourself and now you need to take her out to dinner cause she worried about you all day and there goes the money you saved from not hiring anyone.

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Thanks for all the funny comments. It is a saddle for my tire hammer, the other day I was forging some wood bark features in a 3/4" rod, holding the clapper die in my left hand, the hot rod in my right hand, and pushing the peddle with my left foot, and got really tired really fast. So I made the saddle with a handle and a 90 degree offset. Not the prettiest thing I'll admit, but it has been tested and found acceptable. Very funny comments, especially the one "I don't know what it is but I've got to have one!"

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"It is a saddle for my tire hammer,"

No, thats not what it is. It is a branding iron for the TriSquar Ranch! They were originally the Squar Ranch, then they bought two more, but smaller parcels. One to the North and one to the east. The thumb screw is to hold it on to your arm when not branding cattle with it, that way you don't lose it in a stampede.

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