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  1. Yes far from a dying art, I cannot imagine how many hammers are hitting iron at this moment.
  2. Tonopha mining park has blacksmithing classes this weekend.
  3. I have melted bronze in my forge, just never do anything very useful with it.
  4. I'm not super familiar with Vegas , what is big dogs?
  5. yes i bought it new a while ago, could not find a decent used one
  6. I am in southern Nevada too. A few smiths are around me, but most don't get online. would like to meet up with others some time soon.
  7. I guess I missed this, need to get online more oftener.
  8. When the roads were dirt around here(most are now paved) , a guy down the road used to pour used motor oil on the road to keep the dust down. He got in a bit of trouble for doing that, and in the end, wished he never did it. The odd thing is, right before they put the asphalt down, they sprayed the dirt with oil. maybe it was special oil, I dunno. My shop floor is dirt. I want to put paver's in someday.
  9. I live about 1/2 hour north of Vegas. meeting with other blacksmiths would be cool, I have met others who do not come to this site, but are very active elsewhere.
  10. I can get rail for somewhat reasonable cost, I just really have no use for it. It shows up as scrap alot around here, it is often used mining
  11. mine is up on blocks till I get something better. the blocks work fine. my anvil is 275 pounds I think, it don't move around much. I have been thinking of filling the block with cement, and putting bolts in to tie the anvil down, but for now this works.
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