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  1. Sir do you take me for an object of derision or deride my method of mirth? My mirth is Gargantuan! don't you realize that a mirth like mine is both food and water, a monument to me superiority? A great laugh is the banner of a great man, a generous heart, a towering spirit, an expansive soul--such as I unmistakably am, and such as you dare not to dream of being, with your bilious weasel's laugh With your mirth as lacking in all distinction--as lacking, I say, in interest, as lacking in pride, in imagination, in honesty as in lyricism. :p :p
  2. OK you bunch of scurrilous ninny-hammer flycatchers, the challenge is simple to conduct a flyting contest (a contest of insults, one with a very long cultural tradition) without tripping the forum's word censor or violating the "bad words" rule. This is a good-natured contest of creativity, extra points for the historically obscure, immediate disqualification if any XXXXX's pop up in your post. Crude vulgarity, the pornographic and common swear words are obviously verbotten. Style, meter, and a rapier wit count. Lay on you sly knaves :p
  3. seems to be alot of unexpected self employment going around these days thanks for the link and story enjoy your new freedom
  4. I like it (Im a stealth smith as well, I'll post pics too in say a week) hood uptake location would be a good start Id also experiment a little with simple baffles, making the air flow slightly different so particles smack into this that or each other is pretty much what all those nozzles and channels are about (as is the shelf mentioned) you might also want to research various cowls in the event you have issues during a blow youd have a head start
  5. Uh Oh (chalking up more karmic female debt) in reality this is no different than cooling a computer, a car or a house 1. a heat sink, something that will absorb a large amount of heat quickly and is also relatively immune to the temperature (and corrosion) it needs to withstand. Ideally isolated from your workspace, accessible to clean as needed. 2. a means to transfer that energy to somewhere that benefits you, since liquids have approximately 40 times the density of gases, and water especially has good thermal transfer capabilities while being plentiful and benign, a natural choice. 3. a use, distributed heat is good in winter, good for hot showers year round, good for other hot processes (recuperators, preheaters) Converting heat to kinetic energy is a bit trickier. Steam, Sterling engines, {so called) Thermal Hydraulic engines, Cogeneration, Trigeneration, combined cycle. this little downward blip in fuel prices isnt going to last, and few claim to have too much money start with trying to get her to let you build a forge powered Absorption refrigerator so you can have wild drinking parties in the workshed, then a steam boiler, after you wear her down with those, start getting practical :p
  6. a massively under appreciated tool first thing I forged (and the next 999 things I forged) where more or less identical scrolls for a railing
  7. a large thermal mass and a heat exchanger a steam boiler to run a power hammer would be nice or a pile of rock to preheat your blown forge air, or transfer to water that you pump to a house, greenhouse, fishtank oh no I have too much energy :p
  8. ACR NGG16A 141 & 155 how much spark arrestor overkill you actually require however.... but it has all been done before, alot of it in RR there are of course many way to approach it, from nozzels and baffles with screens as illustrated, to cyclone knockout pots and wetscrubbers (air pollution devices) to as mentioned designs with less uptake trick would be working with what you have and starting with what youve already done, some approaches might offer additional benefit (neighbors nearby, ordinance Nazi's)
  9. was my Job Title 13 years as an operations manager for the Great American Beer Festival course it was just 4 days per year :P
  10. in reality it was simply a three dimensional blueprint to make a slip roller :p
  11. upset the end of square stock cut down to where its square drill and tap, insert stud with locktite insert stud with upset head into the other half of an expansion bolt alternately weld an upset head to an expansion bolt or lag bolt drill a hole in the square stock, plug weld through the stock to the top of the boltlag, then upset (carefully) we did a lot of masonry mounting course you can do it the other way round with a stud in the wall and an upset blind "nut" that's been drilled and tapped
  12. errr.... is this for estimating stock needed or precutting? we used to make quite a bit of chain and rings not the forge welded ship anchor variety but serious enough to hold up 9 ft dia chandeliers a lot of it pre-twisted square stock or octagonal for decoration then heated and wrapped as a coil around either a pipe or circleoval jig to form a large coil, pounded tight to maintain dimensional similarity it was then generally cut square right on the jig an economical approach for both stock and time of course with that approach there is an unknown amount of stock on the first coil and last coil that will be scrap point is that there was definitely a +/- attribute that having seen video of Fred Dibnah forge welding ship chain I'd think would also apply unless your individually handcrafting each ring and comparing it to a standard. A simple jig make a huge difference in time invested
  13. there is a class of gasifiers that rely on a throttle body type constriction to allow the fuel to drop into a lower chamber once its pyrolyzed to charcoal the trick there of course is a relatively consistent fuel stock (rice hulls, wood chips, ect) and working out the amount of constriction required typically the upper chamber is to create woodgas (mostly CO CH4 H2 and tars ) while the lower chamber is employed to create producer gas with air (2C + O2 → 2CO) or in the event steam is injected, water gas (C + H2O → CO + H2) rather than a secondary combustion chamber it could be a chute leading to a quench chamber
  14. or possibly posted it but I did just realize I never posted the translation to the Japanese File maker videos in that thread ;)
  15. Ice Czar


    what really gets your attention is when they land on the inside of your nose in through the mouth out through the nose ;)
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