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5 hours ago, BillyBones said:

Not sure where they are at but when my grandmother passed she had a huge stack of letters in those airmail envelopes

Hopefully you find them someday! That would be cool to go back an read through your family’s letters!

4 hours ago, Frosty said:

I don't get many letters

Wait till I get my awesome new stationary and I’ll mail you some chicken scratch! Lol

4 hours ago, Nodebt said:

It was pathetic pushing that load out into the dumpster.

I used to have to clean out storage units of people that didn’t pay their rent, I always felt bad dumping truckloads of family documents, photo albums ect…

4 hours ago, Anachronist58 said:

Had a package sit in the Post Office for 15 days

I love watching tracking numbers an trying to understand why something bounces back an fourth across the whole country when it was already in a distribution center close by,

4 hours ago, arkie said:

How many of you remember the old fountain pens

I’ve never actually used one ive just seen them in pictures and for sale, 

I guess the plastic pens are more my speed anyways lol

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My father had beautiful italic handwriting and used a Mont Blanc Diplomat Meisterstück 149:


My mom has a large collection of a couple dozen boxes of family documents from her grandfather’s time as a missionary in Alaska; we’ve just been having a discussion of her donating it to the archives of the Episcopal Church to make it available to researchers and historians. He and my great-grandmother were engaged for seven years, so there were a lot of letters going back and forth between Alaska and Vermont. 

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It's not just between the two of them; Grandpa John was a prolific letter-writer, reporting back to his superiors with great frequency and also to everyone who donated to fund the mission. (There's a great story that some folks back home decided to purchase a sawmill for the mission and shipped it to him by train, coastal steamer, and riverboat. While it was on the steamer, a passenger noted the crates lined up on the desk and asked the captain about them. On hearing what they were and where they were destined, the passenger asked if anyone at the mission knew how to use them. The captain replied, "Well, the padre there is a Vermont boy, and he'll figure it out!")

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TW,  the Shire Post Mint over at West Fork AR was selling seals & Stuff, Commercial link removed (Google it).  I don't know if they are still running their "Hobbit post office" though.

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Yes it is my friend who went from sword making into minting by way of me sourcing his first screwpress.      They are neat people and very much a family business.  It was originally set up in Springdale AR then moved to their new building in Westfork AR.

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So I went to the post office to mail some packages today and buy some stamps for my stationary that’s supposed to be here sometime today 

I asked the lady at the post office if the wax stamp would ad enough weight that I would need an additional stamp,

she told me that a single stamp covers a one ounce letter and that a wax stamp more then likely would not get anywhere close to going over weight,

but for every ounce over one ounce a $.20cents would be required 

the $.20 cent stamp is the one you use for postcards normally 

Then she said that sometimes the wax stamps won’t go through the sorting machines and they gotta sort em by hand, in that case it would be a $.20 cent charge

so she advised me to get both a sheet of the regular stamps as well as a sheet of the $.20 cent stamps so I got both just to be safe, that way I don’t have to worry about the postal service returning letters I tried to send,

On the USPS website I saw even cheaper stamps for just a few cents a piece,

Its my understanding they are for adding additional post freight charges to stamps that predate the forever stamps

so there y’all go! everything boring that y’all never needed to know about stamps on letters! Lol FF3CDDD6-1222-4CFB-9C15-013B8E8B49DD.thumb.jpeg.5b7a895ff0ba272320fc7d665b674736.jpeg

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Fun fact: the technical term for the study of seals (whether wax, clay, lead, or anything else) is sigillography.

Also, edicts from the Pope used to be issued with round seals in lead. The term for these was bulla, from the Latin word for something round or globular; this is why such an edict is now referred to as a "papal bull".

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Hmm I don’t think the lady at the post office would appreciate me bringing a seal into the post office,

she’d probably charge me extra postage for the bucket of fish too… Lol

i just looked up the study of postage stamps, according to wiki it’s called Philately…

seen any good stamps philately? :lol:

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Mail finally ran a little over an hour ago, just got the new stuff in,

I practiced twice on another envelope before sealing my first letter, 

It’s gonna take a little more practice with the candle, judging how Much wax to use, it burns really slow an I was afraid of the wax cooling before I stamped it, but I’d like to see a ring all around the stamp, 

Other then that I thing stamp works really well!







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Those are cool looking candles in themselves. Think you casts a spell when you use them? Hmmm, maybe they make the mail go to the right place in time. 

Going to wax poetic about your seal buddies Randy?

Frosty The Lucky.

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May he RIP, I'll say a few words with higher in thanks for his sacrifice. 

I'd offer a salute but I didn't serve. Is it appropriate to offer a salute to military personnel? I won't offer disrespect, unknowing or not, ever.

Frosty The Lucky.


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I only got to go on two operations with seals when I was in the navy,

i didn’t get to know them very closely but from my short time I spent with them I can say they are a pretty cool bunch of guys,

we hauled some of them around during operation unified response in Haiti back in 09 after the quake, and those dudes are pretty awesome to work with,

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1 hour ago, Daswulf said:

Watched this a while ago. Your wax stamp reminded me of

That’s pretty awesome Das!!

 I didn’t know people used to fold their letter into an envelope!

also I didn’t know the wax was made from shellac, that makes sense because I was thinking these candles were acting really weird acting when I lit them, almost like melting plastic, but I just figured they were some kinda weird wax,

thank your for sharing that video!

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