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Wow that’s pretty awesome John, thanks for sharing that, 

I might give that I try sometime just for fun!

I’ve already spent way more time then I outta on the usps website reading around as well as a bunch of wiki pages lol,

on a side note I found that the North Pole postmark postmaster is located in anchorage Alaska if anyone needs to get a letter from Santa Clause,….

Jerry you got something you wanna share with the rest of us?:blink:

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I had to run back down to the post office because I forgot something I needed to ship out, 

while I was there I bought some international mailing stamps they run a $1.30 a stamp, 

I inquired about using wax seals on international letters,

they didn’t know right off hand but they looked it up for me,

an what they found was the charge for a non machinable letter going internationally is .30 cents, 

an they said if I add a postcard stamp with an international stamp it should be okay

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16 hours ago, Irondragon ForgeClay Works said:

Yes although not the traditional salute. The right hand is placed over the heart then moved away. Similar to when saluting the flag when the National Anthem is played.

Thanks Randy, that's as close as I've been getting for years. I haven't done a hand to brow salute since Boy Scouts.

Frosty The Lucky.

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One thing you might do is place an envelope with a seal inside a 2d envelope that didn't have a seal and could be run through the machine.  Or, you could fold the letter so that the ends overlap and place the seal there before putting it into the mailing envelope.

If you really want to get fancy you could use a "pendant" seal where a ribbon or piece of leather is pt through 2 slits in the document and then the seal is attached to the ends so that it dangles beneath the document.  For large, formal documents a large seal was placed in a round metal box called a skippet to protect it.

"By hammer and hand all arts do stand."

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I've got some weird thing going with my hands that makes it almost impossible for me to do a three-finger Scout salute. Even if I force my fingers into place with my other hand, I can't hold the position very long without significant pain. Very strange.

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11 minutes ago, George N. M. said:

Or, you could fold the letter so that the ends overlap and place the seal there before putting it into the mailing envelope.

That’s an awesome idea George! I hadn’t thought of that! Thank you!


my hands are the kinda the same, I can do it but only for a few seconds

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Howdy all!
I hope everyone got their thanksgiving cards by now! I know there was trouble with some of y’all’s getting delayed in the USPS limbo! 

I wanna let everyone know that my 2-1/2 year old boy Max picked out some really awesome Christmas cards I’m sending to everyone on here this year near a far! Bahaha! :lol:

The mail man just picked up the first load of em outta the mail box, so y’all all start watching y’all’s mail boxes! 

if there’s anyone that I haven't a chance to ask an or talk with yet that would like to receive a Christmas card let me know Via PM, Im more than happy to send ya one with the next big batch goin out!

 I still have another 50 something cards to get done tomorrow I’ll be sending out on Monday so I can just add ya to the list!

to everyone outside the US im not sure what all dates y’all celebrate Christmas on so I hope y’all’s arrive in time, all those international cards went out today too!


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