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What's your latest blade look like? Post em and let us see.


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so i did this last year in November 


but after that a friend decided to make a sheath for Christmas … well Christmas became my birthday and then beyond so this weekend he finally gave it back to me. he stamped my initials and died it black I plan to add a strap on it to hold it a little tighter when going through the brush. I sanded the handle some more and have since pics given the antler a coat of BLC and olive oil for the sheath 1 more coat needed on the latter and 2-3 on the handle so without further delay



and one black and white to really pop the colours


the blade on close inspection has some mistakes and when buffing it i got it a little hot  but other wise im really happy  


the friend traded me some oak wood for a bush knife i will make him. wondering should I go with 1095 or 1075 for the blade i have either to chose from?



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I lost my last knife pocket knife somewhere so I had to whip up a replacement. On the bright side the pattern turned out nice, 54 layers. The handle is my first go at micarta and I think I'll go with different canvas colors if I decide to do it again. Something more natural. This example could be summed up in one syllable, "meh".

IMG_2021-07-31_09-34-25.jpeg.bdb3723e464a7eea7455bcca6d16eb8c.jpeg  IMG_2021-07-31_09-35-19.jpeg.1a39dc5a58950ed61b010f8bd525c400.jpegIMG_2021-07-31_09-35-54.jpeg.c5ffa8b6f454a3b522d0355616d47e33.jpeg

The sheath also leaves something to be desired, but it's good enough for government work.


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Hmm.. I like this idea.. It would go well with the black and purple micarta "night sky". It might be a little better suited on a handle that could provide a larger canvas. This one is rather small (0.75" x 3"). 


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The knife shall hence forth be known as Orion's Belt! *grin*

In all seriousness, I'll take a look for something that might be able to get worked in. I like the idea.

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Indeed, I almost added an adverb for the purposes of disambiguation, but I didn't want anyone to think I was under the weather.

Given the available space, Sagitta and Delphinus both seem like viable options. While less exciting to look at, Sagitta seems to be slightly more appropriate for a knife handle. 

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