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What is it worth?


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As usual questions about 'worth' are subjective. If I was making a sculpture and the final missing piece was a large circular saw, perhaps I would pay a higher than scrap price. 

So it is all about how much it is worth for me ... or rather for you. For the others it obviously is overpriced because they are hinking in steel value. Bieing it most likely comes from an old mill, it can have value for different reasons that are not it's steel content. 

They do very well for target practice because you can hear when you hit it :)

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2 hours ago, Frosty said:

"Senor Slag clearly outbids me."

In the interest of better Missouri - Alaska  friendly relations SLAG,  Industries L.L.C. will be most pleased to gift said circular saw blade to representative  Hon. J. Frosty of the exalted state of Alaska.

Respectfully submitted,

Herr SLAG.

Edited by SLAG
removing redundency
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That's quite an old school blade, not having the usual semicircular inserts for replaceable cutting teeth.  I wouldn't use it for blades as it's value is really in being an "antique" decorator piece..or painted as someone mentioned.  The price reflects that use and it would go for pretty close to that around here plus or minus.

Much better value to buy known steel in a shape and size that's appropriate for the work and use that...or, if one really wants to "recycle",  buy good scrap of a similar nature that doesn't have the premium cost adder of being a semi-antique.  Your local pawn shop probably has a bunch of smaller blades at something like a buck or two each and you could harvest far more steel for the buck.


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