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  1. That guy is cool! He even made a kitchen knife out of smoke residue. By no means a good knife, but really funny to watch.
  2. I can see them... Should I try to re-upload them?
  3. Are the handle proportions of this off? On puukkos, it's hard for me to tell... Knife blade is some high chromium steel, not sure exactly, a thin brass piece, and a spalted kind of wood that was scrap. I probably shouldn't have polished it so much if I'm going to be working on it. I'm also planning on putting a pin through it. Criticism? Comments? Handle advice?
  4. Really good first knife!
  5. Is it bad to use a weed burner? If this was covered elsewhere, I will find that place (couldn't find it but I might've missed it)
  6. Alec Steele, Templehound, and Bob Loveless are all amazing.
  7. I know this was partially covered, but I still think it's really important: Check where the dumpster is!!! If It's outside a hospital like somebody said before, don' t touch it. Also if you see plastic trash bags, batteries, or something that looks like a dead animal (ok that's too dark humour) don't touch it! We want to live long enough to get back to the shop and use the good stuff, don't we?
  8. Looks amazing! I love the layers and the bluish steel look.
  9. Knowing several kids and being a kid myself, I think I can reliably say kids like pointy things. However, that probably won't go well with the adults, lol. I'd say little knots, small trinkets, little animals and figures I can imagine would sell well, and letters that are their initials. I don't have any experience, but I hope some of those are easy and helpful!
  10. Thanks! I fixed the warp, and I am going to keep checking for the uneven edge, but I'm not sure where it is. It might just be the photo, but I'll keep checking. The thing you explained about the bevel cutting onions makes a lot of sense. I should have thought of that before. I've had the wood for around 3 years now, and I think it's pretty dry, we kept it in the basement and it is very dry there. I hope it doesn't crack. Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it!
  11. Hello, I recently made this kitchen knife for my dad. I learned sooooooooo much! I forged it out of some old tool. Unsure in the metal. I learned how to draw file, and got a lot of practice in with it on this knife (even though i’m still really bad). I tried to work a small distal taper in and I think it worked out okay, but I could do better. On the handle I had to use some creative thinking, I was originally going to put a guard on and file everything flush, but I did not have a small enough drill bit, so I messed around with a copper plumbing pipe until It worked. The wood is from a tree in our backyard, I don’t know the species of tree, but it looks pretty cool. I decided to file the angles on the handle and made it a sort of octagon shape. Then I hand sanded everything. Every night for around a week went something like this: Dad/Mom: “Come to dinner, Smokey!” Me: “In a minute, I just need to finish sanding this part of the handle!” Dad/Mom: “It’s been five minutes, the food is getting cold!” Me: “i’ll Be right there!” *I finish an hour later, everybody has finished dinner, and I have a lot of homework to do* Criticism welcome! (Sorry bout the bad pics)