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  1. ThomasPowers- it'll be used year around, so I'll be freezing but at least I'll be out of the snow and wind. My dad is mainly worried about CO poisoning too and I think I'm going to put a detector on my wall just in case. I don't want to be affected by it especially after those stories lol, it sounds painful. BillyBones- I'm don't really know, but it will be poured tomorrow. It is a pretty substantial slope so most of the water that forms around it will just go into my neighbors yard hahah.
  2. Michael- the floor is going to be concrete, but i’m not so sure about drainage or how to deal with it ThomasPowers- Me and my dad did do a bit of research and currently we have plants to put 250 cubit foot per minute exhaust and 400 cfm incoming air. if i did the math right it’s 9 air exchanges per hour. the space is 1500 cubic it feet, but we are still not super sure if those are the right numbers. is there something else you’d reccomend?
  3. hahah yeah i was surprised it was supposed to be that deep aswell. here’s the recent progress: (that’s my dad inside the door frame. it’s going up really quickly!!)
  4. yup, yesterday it dug out 5 feet deep. i could stand in it and it almost was higher then my head, kind of crazy! it was surprisingly warm yesterday so the ground melted enough for digging to be easier. the concrete was poured so hopefully it’ll set enough today to be able to build some.
  5. A hole has been dug!! today the frame will be built and i think it’s going to move pretty quickly from there.
  6. It looks like a fantastic place so far! I can't wait until it's finished and I can maybe take a class there!
  7. Looks good to me. That's a really cool use of the offset wood planks for a hammer rack.
  8. I restored my post vise today (bought for 25 dollars )! It was rusted in place. It has no markings but I think it looks like a PW vise to me. if you have any ideas lmk! I also tested a wheel rim and it's wrought iron!
  9. I forged this whale today out of 3/4 round bar. I think I could turn it into some type of bottle opener. It was a fun small project.
  10. That's a nice small setup you've got! I think the buckle looks real nice, I will have to try making one of those someday.
  11. Alright. I'm hearing a few different things but I'll definitely try them all, one of the advantages to living near a city is that we have a bunch of places that sell steel and not just one supplier. Thank you all for the great advice!
  12. Hello, I've seen several people on this forum talk about how they get steel cutoffs and drops from a steel supermarket. I'm considering trying that, but it occurred to me that they may not want me to get steel for free from them instead of paying. Some of this is talked about in other threads but I think it might be a useful resource to have this info in one place. Here are some of my questions, should I buy metal from them and then mention looking through their scrap? Is there something I could do for them that could be useful for them to feel more comfortable with me taking their steel? How
  13. This was an overpriced, cast, completely average hardware store hammer, but it was the first hammer I ever used. 2lbs crosspeen. I rasped the varnish off, reshaped the handle to my liking and refaced both sides several times as it is a bit soft. Not an excellent hammer by any means but it was my first hammer and it still works well, and will work well for a while longer. The second one was the first hammer I ever made. I have a different post about it, but I've always been super interested in hammer making, and it was an incredible amount of fun! It has a ton of flaws and isn't that amaz
  14. I didn't do much in the shop today, I worked on another corkscrew and edited my first youtube video. The teak handle works quite well. It is only on a small texturing hammer so I'm not putting substantial force on it, but it's holding up great, not to mention the colour has really been coming out in the wood. I like it, but it was fairly splintery to shape and i had to go very slowly in one direction so I wouldn't get any splits in the grain.
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