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  1. I've been given a lot of information and experience. This summer I helped out a smith and he taught me a lot as well, and it was really an awesome experience that I really appreciate.
  2. found a piece of steel that I'd punched a hole through (very badly) a while ago.
  3. woah I love the half and half. How was it made?
  4. Beautiful, I like the way you blend the light polished blade into the dark part near the handle.
  5. It came true. Unfortunately The King of Random died from a paragliding accident. Even though his videos weren't good examples, I liked his personality and it was pretty good entertainment.
  6. As a part of my edc set I carry around a pen and a small notebook in my pocket! There's a lot less I've forgotten now
  7. Very interesting, I've never seen that shape before!
  8. Woah, the contrast is crazy! I love that pattern.
  9. I'm an american, and I prefer using Donuts per Bald Eagle
  10. It looks great! Just curious, is there an advantage to having the blade portion be so short, instead of having it extend all the way to the handles?
  11. I made these punches out of a coil spring. My hand forging is definitely getting better!
  12. That guy is cool! He even made a kitchen knife out of smoke residue. By no means a good knife, but really funny to watch.
  13. I can see them... Should I try to re-upload them?