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  1. Looks very clean and comfortable!
  2. These knives I made these for my aunt and uncle's weddings. Small hidden tang paring knives, 15n20 blade steel, bloodwood/rosewood and brass handles. All together they are seven inches long, probably the best quality knives I've made so far, but they have their flaws. Just thought I'd share my progress.
  3. Will do. I guess I'll have to try the space out and see!
  4. I'm thinking of making one of those adjustable height helpers, I've been needing one for a while. I'll move the shelves to the back for sure, hopefully I'll be able to keep that wall nice and neat. I'll probably be able to move forge away from the corner to be able to use the back space. Thank you for the advice! I will be sure to put LOTS of lights in there. I'm pretty psyched about getting my own space!
  5. maybe someday I'll get one. They do seem like a lot of fun.
  6. Thanks for the advice! I drew up a revised plan, hopefully with everything fixed. The vise will be portable so the idea is that i would cut up bigger stock outside, and then work with it indoors. I can probably also make the grinder have wheels so i can bring it outside if need be.
  7. Hello, my parents are renovating the garage and they have agreed to build out a 7x12 foot extension on the side for me to build a shop! There would be a wall between the shop area and the garage area. I’ve started to draw and plan out what the shop would look like. I have this drawing so far. Are there any major issues i’ve missed? I currently have a propane forge but i’m thinking of switching to anthracite. Tell me if you can’t read something, my handwriting is pretty bad. Thanks! edit: the floor will probably be concrete or dirt
  8. Is this still happening? Last post was from 2018, so I an not sure. Is there also a link to the Facebook page I could check out for updates?
  9. I love the finish! Awesome knife.
  10. I think I get it now. I've never actually seen a flypress in real life, but I think i understand why they're different and why it wouldn't really work. My screwpress is on the relatively smaller side and it has 2 lead screws. Definitely an interesting concept. Thanks for the help!
  11. I don't quite understand how flypresses work in terms of efficiency. I understand the mechanism and how to use one, but I don't get why or how it becomes more effective then hitting it with a hammer. Why do flypresses squish metal really well? My other question that's related the the first one is whether it would make sense to convert a pipe vise into a small flypress. I'm not if sure this would make any sense at all, but they work in similar ways as far as i understand.
  12. I would buy known steel from a steel supplier if I had that amount of money. I'm not really sure how much that would be though.