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Hay Budden near me. Your opinions?

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I have a little 75lbs Columbia anvil that was given to me, but I'm always out the lookout for that dream deal, so I'm always looking. I'm new to the craft and really don't have a fix on the expectation of price and quality here in Colorado. I found this Hay Budden with stand. I think it's a 127. He's asking 750 for both. I'm not in a position to just throw down that kind of cash, but curious about actual market price. Y'all have any opinions?




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One thing is never pay for a stand unless it is the right height for You. Otherwise you need to remake it or make new.

As irondragon said, price is on the highest purchasing end for my area. All depends on the ring and rebound. Looks in good usable shape but for me the price seems too high for a "looking for a dream deal" anvil. Having an anvil already you could do better on that dream deal. 127# is fine, and it looks fine, but $750. sounds too high. Having an anvil already that you can use, $750. Would buy you a lot of stock to work into stuff to sell to even buy a new anvil. 

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Chisel marks on the face definitely impact the price as they will be there pretty much forever.  Shallow dents are much less of an issue. Of course the Ball Bearing and ring test needs to be done.

With a smaller anvil to hand what I would suggest looking for is a stout striking anvil made from steel scrap at under 50 cents a pound.

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Obviously location location location.  But just judging by my area, it'd be a pass.  That per pound price is up there with something much more remarkable than a simple "good" HB.  As others have repeated, stand is nothing here.  Stand is almost always nothing except if it happens to be one of the rare cast stands actually made for the anvil originally..or a remarkably superior fabrication which can be adjusted to match your work height.  

I'd be patient and keep shopping.  The right anvil will eventually come along at the right price and time...it just takes a while as well as diligently keeping up the search.

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Welcome aboard Radio, Richard(?) glad to have you. If you'll put your general location in the header you might be surprised how many members live within visiting distance. 

I don't have much if any to add to the original question but I AM curious about the subject and possible relation to your signature, any relation to the anvil maker?

Frosty The Lucky.

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