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  1. Wow! Ambitious project for her. I hope you didn't skimp on the liner. Have fun at the anvil tomorrow!
  2. You might consider putting your lag screws in the forge to cook off the coating and reshaping the head into a square. It will look more blacksmithy.
  3. Thanks and duly noted. Fortunately, the slack tub was freshly filled.
  4. It was cool enough to light a fire here today. Finished up one fire poker and about 75% of a second one. Had a piece of scale start smoldering in some saw dust. I need to be more diligent in cleaning up the wood working debris before striking a match.
  5. I finished mounting the post vise today. I might take a few minutes in the relative cool of the morning to light the forge for a test spin.
  6. Marcus_Airelius, It was suggested by the previous owner, a very knowledgeable gentleman and dear friend, that it is a Peter Wright. No markings whatsoever. The jaws are 5 1/2". I haven't weighed it, but guessing around #75. It was a pleasant chore hoisting it out of the treasurer trove. Here it is all cleaned up.
  7. Cleaned up the newly acquired post vise. That's a dirty job. Working on mounting ideas. Also a bit of fun time at anvil starting a fire poker for my son in law. Photo upload failure.
  8. At long last, the opportunity and funds were available at the same time.
  9. It's been a long while since I lit my forge. My arm is not in hammer shape. I did manage to finish this hook before wearing out. 3/8" stock, bark textured.
  10. I appreciate the critique. Cracks show up while I'm working on other areas. I definitely need to radius the texturing hammer soon. Always seem to forget until I need it now. I'm a better bowl turner than blacksmith, but I'm working on it. Jim, absolutely! I'll bring lunch. Hopefully next week.
  11. Some back to basics practice today. Getting stress cracks aon the stem is a bit annoying, but had a pleasant morning in the shop none the less.
  12. Thanks. Apparently the sideways pictures work. The width was under 500. Aspect ratio maybe the term you're missing.
  13. I forged this out of a 5/8" car spring yesterday. The blade is 5". The quench today resulted in an impressive warp. Managed to straighten it during the tempering. It seems to have a vague knife like quality. So far, so good. I'll also try to resize the picture. Resize photo from 971X547 to 550X309
  14. IF&C, Sorry I didn't get back here in time to resize the picture. After posting, I set my phone down to cook dinner and didn't pick it back up until this morning. The knife was heat treated properly and seems to be about right for hardness. A file doesn't do anything and it sharpens well on stones.
  15. Since I saw no path to get this knife to pretty, I chose to finish it. Just short of 8". Amateurish, I know, but I'm an amateur, so I'm reasonably pleased with it. No close up photos were warranted.
  16. A quick hair thingy project for my daughter today. I actually had a plan, made a sketch, and followed a procedure. Not my usual MO.
  17. Thanks for the terminology correction, Jennifer. Scarf was the term I was not able to retrieve from the cobweb infested mental files. I think it was my farrier that called it a jump weld.
  18. I attempted a jump weld and a basket. I'll call them partially successful.
  19. Just a quick little project this afternoon. I should have had a plan before starting. I need to work on that. Functionality test was positive.
  20. Just thinking out loud again. I'm prone to that. "That's what sells" might be the best answer.
  21. Aesthetics are a viable answer, but from a purely physics stand point, having the faces and, especially, the edge fullers closer to the handle center line makes more sense. Unless, of course, I'm missing something....nah, that can't be it.
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