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  1. forgedinfire123

    Largest vintage anvil

    I seem to remember Larry Langdon,, recently deceased, owning a 937 pound Trenton anvil, which he used for tool forging matter of fact......
  2. forgedinfire123

    Largest vintage anvil

    to do big work, you need a big anvil. All things being equal bigger is better. Those "all things" including hardness, soundness, and shape. The only drawback to large anvils, all things being equal, is lack of portability.
  3. forgedinfire123

    Largest vintage anvil

    [Response to now-deleted ad hominem attack removed.] I worked in a shop running big chambersburg hammers, lol
  4. forgedinfire123

    Largest vintage anvil

    Incorrect. Railroad shops use bigger anvils, and steel mill blacksmith shops. Collectors? No sir!
  5. forgedinfire123

    Rest in Peace, Larry Langdon

    In case folks haven't heard, Larry Passed away today
  6. forgedinfire123

    How did you find your first anvil?

    the coyote tried to drop the 450 pound columbian on me and missed
  7. including the vigorish and taxes, slightly over 9k. A bargain!
  8. forgedinfire123

    Confederate railroad anvil?

    one of the reasons I forge such pretty fig leaves is that Adam and Eve modelled them for me. I use a big rock as an anvil and a small one as my hammer...
  9. forgedinfire123

    Worst I have seen

    OLD insane asylums invariably had blacksmith shops, because "rehabilitation" for folks with mental problems usually included farm work..
  10. forgedinfire123

    Columbian Anvil

    columbians used letter keys to denote weight......I forgot where I read that.....the c stands for columbian, and the other letters in the triangle are codes for weight
  11. forgedinfire123


    I ordered that pamphlet catalog of theirs in 1978. Cannot find it for the life of me.
  12. forgedinfire123

    Another Prize Found on Craigs List

    I use a toaster oven to keep my 7018 dry. I did not know these rod ovens were so expensive!
  13. forgedinfire123

    Saved History From The Scrapper!

    very cool purchase!
  14. forgedinfire123

    Anvil buying advice requested

    buy both of them. The last anvil standing is the winner. Sell the loser.
  15. forgedinfire123

    Anvil Ouches

    poor hay budden...