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  1. If it were me, I would buy all 4 anvils. Anvils are like good health, luck, and brains. One cannot possess too much of any of these
  2. Please buy the anvil. You'll feel a lot better. When it comes to Hay Budds, there's no such thing as buyer's remorse.
  3. I've used London pattern anvils my entire life. Recently, I picked up this 330 pound Hulot Harmel. I highly recommend it! It's hard as heck, it rings like a bell, and the extra square horn is extremely handy. The only thing I do not like about it is that the hardy hole is too small.
  4. Go to a shop in Romania which specializes in car springs, and have them replace the entire set of springs. Shops specializing in springs will heat treat them. That's what I would do. My hammer had the same needs, so I replaced mine from a car spring shop.
  5. The bottom of my quench trough hides my mistakes. It's empty
  6. Clifton Ralph passed away at 1PM today. God bless him and his family
  7. I have two colonial anvils I cannot identify, other than the fact they came from a shop in Herkimer New York from 1781
  8. Buy the Peter Wright. Good price, decent shape, what are you waiting for? It would be in the trunk of my car by now
  9. if you need an anvil or forge, private message me. I don't live far from you.
  10. I seem to remember Larry Langdon,, recently deceased, owning a 937 pound Trenton anvil, which he used for tool forging matter of fact......
  11. to do big work, you need a big anvil. All things being equal bigger is better. Those "all things" including hardness, soundness, and shape. The only drawback to large anvils, all things being equal, is lack of portability.
  12. [Response to now-deleted ad hominem attack removed.] I worked in a shop running big chambersburg hammers, lol
  13. Incorrect. Railroad shops use bigger anvils, and steel mill blacksmith shops. Collectors? No sir!
  14. In case folks haven't heard, Larry Passed away today
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