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  1. Confederate railroad anvil?

    one of the reasons I forge such pretty fig leaves is that Adam and Eve modelled them for me. I use a big rock as an anvil and a small one as my hammer...
  2. Worst I have seen

    OLD insane asylums invariably had blacksmith shops, because "rehabilitation" for folks with mental problems usually included farm work..
  3. Columbian Anvil

    columbians used letter keys to denote weight......I forgot where I read that.....the c stands for columbian, and the other letters in the triangle are codes for weight
  4. Fisher

    I ordered that pamphlet catalog of theirs in 1978. Cannot find it for the life of me.
  5. Another Prize Found on Craigs List

    I use a toaster oven to keep my 7018 dry. I did not know these rod ovens were so expensive!
  6. Saved History From The Scrapper!

    very cool purchase!
  7. Anvil buying advice requested

    buy both of them. The last anvil standing is the winner. Sell the loser.
  8. Anvil Ouches

    poor hay budden...
  9. my friend stan's vise in the Czech Republic

    another big one!
  10. Can anybody identify this anvil

    You hit the jackpot! It is a Kohlswa made out of solid tool steel from sweden. One of the best anvils in the world. Worth big !money
  11. Show me your anvil

    you needed a chain hoist to lift that light anvil?
  12. Unknown anvil

    what a beautiful anvil! Put that beast of burden to work!
  13. Knife makers in whom you look up to or strive to mimic

    William Moran
  14. Hay Budden at auction

    talk to the auctioneer after the auction. Sometimes, if you talk nicely to the auctioneer, he/she will give you the opportunity to buy an anvil before they advet rtise the auction at a reasonable price. This is how it works. The auctioneer talks to the farmer, and tells him that he has a private client for an anvil. He buys the anvil from the farmer, then sells it to you at a reasonable profit, removing the stress of bidding. I have about five auctioneers who hook me up like that
  15. she looks like a peter wright....