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  1. Klatchianmist, Along the same lines as your hook on the right, you might try a stake flipper. The roll up at the handle end. A short taper to start the roll up and a long taper for the business end. I'll get a picture up in a bit. Dave Here you go. It was the first project my mentor had me do. Thanks again, Jim.
  2. Ahh. I usually get movie references, but not that one. Well played I was thinking the six fingered man should "... prepare to die!" (Princess Bride)
  3. I finished a rr spike back scratcher. I also made my first attempt at a horse head bottle opener.....this isn't it. This is the third attempt.
  4. You could thin the herd at my place as well...just not the one currently occupying my lap.
  5. Yup, it was 14° outside and somewhere below 40° inside when I went to the shop this morning.
  6. I'm in Michigan, I'll pick you both up on the way.
  7. Since both heaters in my shop/office/toy box were malfunctioning, I spent a good portion of the day fiddling with stuff I'm not qualified to touch. The forge got the inside temp to almost 50° for a few minutes. I made a bottle opener out of a coil spring. Not my best effort, stress cracks, it didn't make the photo gallery. The flux spoon, on the other hand, turned out fairly well.
  8. I received a Ryobi cordless band saw, welding gloves, welding jacket, leather shop apron and an old cast iron ladle. Alas, no coal.
  9. My efforts from Thursday. A couple of bottle openers and a pineapple twist handle. I'm having a problem with stress crack when using a spring fuller. Working it too cold maybe.
  10. Bear is a mighty fine meal and would be the perfect roast beast to try that fork with. Nice work. Outstanding Spurs, LBS!