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  1. To call it "cobbled together" would be an insult to shoe makers everywhere. If the clay ever dries in this weather, I'll fire it up. Jim graciously donated the grate and told me which end was up. I still need to acquire some appropriately size leather for the drive belt and fashion some bearings.
  2. With my current skill set, I could make that out of wood. Probably not the best choice. Fabricating it out of steel seems a bit above my pay grade for now. I'll work on that.
  3. Yes, Jim, I enjoyed my visit to Blacksmith Disney Land very much! Thank you for the gracious welcome, hammering lesson, and for the introduction to Jim McKeown as well. I wish I had more time today. I'll try to have more questions next time, I don't know what I don't know yet. As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. Dave
  4. I was thinking about the bolted on strap and clay lining solution. I'll give it a go. Unfortunately, I don't have the missing chunk. I was told it was removed on purpose, but it looks like it just tipped over and broke. I appreciate the input.
  5. Here are a couple of pictures of the cracked rivet forge. Claying the pan might insulate it enough to keep the crack from expanding from heat.
  6. I'll take some pictures in the morning, assuming that I remember.
  7. Of course, pics or it didn't happen. Thanks for the warm welcome.
  8. Hi, I'm Dave. I am a serial hobbyist. While helping my brother-in-law empty his storage unit, his wife said "someone is going to have to move this anvil". Down the rabbit hole I go. The anvil is a 108# Peter Wright that belonged to my wife's great grandfather. "What about the forge?" Brother-in-law says. A lever type rivet forge was the next installation. The pan cracked on the first fire. Research, research, research. Found my way here. Built JABOD. Made a few hooks, fire pokers, and a knife shaped object so far. Lurched around here for a couple of weeks, read "Read this First". Time to jump in. Happy to be aboard.