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  1. If that were an inexpensive garage sale straight razor, I would start with 320 grit and work down to 2000. On your heirloom, I would leave it like you have it now. All the marks tell a story, even if we can't hear them.
  2. Too funny! Snorted vodka out my nose, now my eyes are watering. I made some progress on the indoor forge build. The flue is through the wall.
  3. No shop time for me today, but my grandson was working on his hammer control.
  4. Thanks, Glenn. Lots of variables to play with. Also, thanks for not calling me "Go Fish".
  5. Check on both points. A lower tooth count would have helped the speed, but I was looking for smoother versus faster. I'll use an 18 tpi next time.
  6. I thought I would try my hand at a split cross. It takes a WHILE to split 1/2" with a hack saw. I also textured an old ball peen hammer for the "wood" texture. It didn't turn out too bad. As there was Frost this morning, I played in the shop before mowing the lawn. Lots of rain here lately.
  7. "Go Fish"?! You guys cut me to the quick. Yes, Jim, I know a guy. I caught him in an especially gracious mood last week. Hoping to hook it up tomorrow. But not until the grass is cut, I'm told.
  8. Stunning work, Alexandr! Partially dismantled, cleaned, and installed a new handle on this Buffalo 200. Also neglected my lawn mowing duties.
  9. In the process of reorganizing my wood shop (as if it were organized to begin with) to fit a forging station. Winter is just around the corner here. Working in the unheated garage doesn't sound like a lot of fun. With a little guidance from Jim, I got my pumper forge running correctly. I prefer the dirt forge for actual play time, but it was fun project to make it operational. I finished a hot chisel and an object that has a vague Calla Lily like shape.
  10. It is definitely a right handed opener. I'll work on the dexterity of the next one.
  11. Thanks! I'm Dave. It seamed like a good project to try slitting and drifting. The functionality test was a success, by the way.
  12. Quite right, it is a bit off center. Probably less noticable after proper testing.
  13. Tried my hand at slitting and drifting today. I'll call this a success after the functionality test.