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  1. I punch and drift all my tools. I dont know any better way? The temper was about 450-475 degrees.
  2. I used 4140. Have yet to see how the edge holds up, but I think it will do fine.
  3. I am almost finished with this axe, just waiting for the customer to decide if he wants I his initials in the handle. I have failed four times on four axes and now I'm almost done. Finally!
  4. Those stamps resemble serial numbers on Hay Buddens. Although without other pictures I cannot tell you which brand.
  5. I did that on the last hammer tongs I tried to make. Was having one of those days too. Then I burned a cheek on an axe that was almost finished. Tomorrow will be better right? Love the tools Mark. I forged the replacement axe for the last one I ruined with my dad today. A while ago a guy ordered an axe from me and three times I have made one and had something go wrong so I have had a lot of practice for this one! I will profile and *fingers crossed* finish it tomorrow. And I'm restoring a Wilton Bullet.
  6. I don't do much with the ears but I also don't do things like everyone else. Just do what you like and eventually it will turn out. That's my moto.
  7. I just bought two twenty foot bars, one 1/4" x 1" and 1/2" round for twenty bucks. Ten bucks a pop.
  8. Awesome anvil! I love that weight, I think it is perfect for forging small to medium size steel. I would love to see that anvil collection!
  9. Thanks for the info everyone! I really appreciate it. It makes total sense that the corners would get harder and chip.
  10. Thanks for the info! I don't think it was a swivel because the mounts are 1 inch thick but what do I know? I'll definitely look for the date.
  11. I just bought a Wilton bullet vise and am planning on restoring it and selling it. I don't know anything about these other than they sell like hotcakes. I will be doing research but for now do any of y'all know anything about these? Date of manufacture, history, model number system? I know anvils like the back of my hand but not vises. Any info or help with repairs is greatly appreciated!
  12. Mark those openers are sweet! I also have never seen goose openers. Here are my first horse heads. I think these are my new favorite to forge.
  13. Cool anvil! It is definitely cast but I have never heard of that name so I cant say what material it is made of. Hay Budden made an anvil like that but that's not it. If you forge put it to use and enjoy.
  14. Yeah he made the rounding hammer popular. They are very useful hammers for sure. I rarely use a cross peen.