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  1. No insults taken jlp. I think it's cool that you are able to apply different methods to different processes. I just like punching and getting plugs. It give a sense of reward almost for punching a nice clean plug.
  2. I lose hardly any weight to the plug. In fact I lose more weight in scale than the plug. 1/4 oz at the most...
  3. It's a punch but not with a flat bottom if that's what you're asking. It has a bevel to punch easier. I don't go all the way through one side. I go through about 3/4 of the billet then flip. This results in a much cleaner hole.
  4. Good work everybody! You guys are killing it. Finished a new hammer eye punch for myself because my dad broke the last one lol.
  5. You could be right. It could centralize the impact. I'm sure there are a million reasons, as with everything!
  6. That's a great question. I don't think that there is any special purpose for them because a hammer without fullers would probably perform just as good. They are mostly for looks just to give the hammer more character. Maybe someone has a reason for them but that's what I think.
  7. Thanks jlp. Its my goal to keep the forging on my tools as clean as possible.
  8. Finished that ball peen today! I finally figured out how to keep the troughs shiny through heat treat.
  9. I like the pendant Rojo. The way it flows is pleasing to look at. Tongs take a lot of practice to perfect. I've been making them from a while and still struggle! Today I made some tooling for bull dog keychains and my first bull dog. Also forged a 2.5lb ball peen for a machinist customer. I also had a punch break in a crazy way. I've never seen a top tool break like this. My dad hits like a power hammer!
  10. Unfortunately (but really fortunately) most of the people around me are elder. It is really is quite easy to break up the coal. Plus I'm used to chopping wood all day for the forge.
  11. I finished unloading a massive load of coal I recently acquired for $150. Just under 4 yards (8,000lbs). Super excited because this is going to save me a lot of money.
  12. Thanks for the info, Glenn! I personally love Hay Budden anvils.
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