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Sash Window Weights

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I have a friend who replaced all his old sash windows a couple of years ago.  I was at his place the other day and noticed a pile of the weights next to a tree.  I'm guessing these are cast iron.  (????)  Are they of any use to a blacksmith?  Told him I'd ask to see if I could get rid of them for him.

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I.F.I.  Citizens,   greetings,

Window sashes are useful , for hold downs, as  Mr. I. Dragon has mentioned and for many other uses.

And a close cousin are some of other types of counter weights used for small elevators.

I got a batch, years ago, whilst watching a repair crew fixing a lift. It cost nothing and I have used them over the years for

many solutions.

So a stop at such a repair outfit may pay off.



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Window weights, you can throw them at a burglar, use singarly or tie a few together for workout equipment, deadfall booby trap again for intruders, throw at small to medium sized game, build a catapult and lay siege of your neighbors house, tie 2 together and go Bruce Lee with some iron nunchuku, hang from a hoop and make wind chimes.

just a coupe ideas off the top of my head. 

(just to be clear, that is my sad attempt at humor)

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This thread, while originally serious, has ended up being very enlightening. Along that vein of thought, I guess I could use them as fly swatters.  :lol:  Sounds as if the only decent thing to do with them is to take them to the scrap yard and trade'em for something I need.  Only problem with that is my scrap yard seldom has anything I need.  :(

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they are good to use as a weight to hold down something your working on.


drive a spike in your anvil base, with a chain attached to the window weight, toss it over the piece your working on. Not the most ideal way, but it works.

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