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  1. JLP Wally Yator is a awesome guy , glad you have one of his pieces, have known him for decades. He is a blacksmith dedicated to the craft.
  2. Who's got the pop corn? I want to forge a railroad spike bottle opener, cut off point, fuller down forge out, punch, drift ,punch tab decorate with ballpien texture, time to forge slit, drive drifts punch tab spike.was free,3bucks a hour, that's what i need 0to make item My guess is one hour,3 ,3.5 lbs charcoal al
  3. Thank you! So more of depression vs cutting I take? Thought may be braclet with curved ends, must take alot of patience, it looks professional! Do you draw pattern to depress /chase or just go to it?
  4. Totally disagree with your response, it's that simple time vs material vs fuel to GET to a presentable presentation of work done wheres YOUR pics of work done??? How nice is it and how much time n material , fuel did it take to get to that level? You still love me? Why cant we all get along. Seriously I want the total answer of what u feel takes to get to a presentable level for your work, labor fuel and metal please..
  5. Let's base this on all aspects, tapering , riveting, twisting, collaring, forge welding, etc... to get to a level where your work is presentable. Example....100 hours hammer time, 100 bucks in material, 300 bucks in fuel costs. I'm making a analogy to the fire triangle, heat, fuel and oxygen has to exist for fire. What's your thoughts??
  6. Jhcc nice work , braclet? Show your tooling and share your angle of attack. Is that mild steel?
  7. Forged out a rope hose tool and two hot dog roasters used propane today.
  8. Still using charcoal, increased diameter of "bowl" , works well, used a propane torch while hand cranking , blower lights really good. My next and final test will be coal.
  9. Smaller pieces of charcoal make a huge difference. Yes indeed, area that is hot enough to do work is not big enough, I am going to increase that, and will switch to coal for a while, having about 150 lbs of smithing coal, I personally haven't forged with coal since the 70s in my dads forge, have used propane mostly, my bottom blast using pipe with holes didnt work well, but now I learned that my charcoal wasn't small enough in that attempt also. Good find on your charcoal.im getting very excited about my future projects.
  10. Manage to forge out a couple bottle openers, not 100 percent sermetrical, but I tested them and they work just fine..
  11. Cut up charcoal, and worked much better, was able to get good temps
  12. Yes I should of ...but would that have allowed the sweet spot to move taller in height? Airflow into is like 3/4 or inch. The bowl wasn't wide enough to fit tomahawk head into as well, have some more charcoal to use up then will switch to coal, still have to make a rake water can, poker etc
  13. Need to improve couldn't get "fireball" tall enough, guess with sideblast I have to think horizontal not vertical, wasn't quite at welding temps, manage to partially weld a tomahawk.
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