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Show us your sign

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I made this for Mike a few years back for Christmas. It is all 3/8" aluminum.

It is all cut out on a waterjet.
Anvil is Black anodized
Letters are Gold anodized

I ran a couple of waterjet machines, and did some editing for a sign company. I did all the cutting, anodizing, and finishing during lunch breaks for a week or so. It was a good experience...



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I don't have a formal sign as yet. I did cut one out of plywood and painted it up real purty for a Christmas bazaar this past Christmas to hang hooks and ornaments on. I will have to get a picture.

Mr. Hoffmann, I noticed your initials and actually have a very similar mark. My initials are PAT and I started using mine in the 6th grade, back in 78-79 time frame.
If you look at the bottom of the knocker backing you will see my mark.
I cut and filed my stamp out of the end of an old cold chisel. The problem is I cut it out like I make my mark, and not in mirror view. So now all my marks are backwards.
My wife calls it my dyslexic mark:D

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Paul, I started writing my initials this way around 74-75, then got the idea to incorperate them into a mark after I started my own business in 81. Similar minds? The only difference from the sign is my mark is in a square cartouche, (carved the initials into the end of a square punch.) Since the sign is a cut out, the horizontal line for the A stops short so that part does not fall out. My intials are JAH.

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bill and valentin - outstanding.

the following four pictures are the current sign i have, shaped like a thought bubble and salvaged from some old signalling equipment; a shot of the front of my building before i moved in, and some shots of the old galt knife plant. i intend to paint my signage on the front above the door in this style, extending all the way across, saying HOPE FORGE, HAMILTON, ONT. so take a look

note: the bulk uploader rearranged the order of these pictures, not sure why. my shop is on the far right. great thread topic Glenn!





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Heat it beat it and keep the good mistakes. (I read something about that SOMEWHERE) ;)

We're all on the path and the end is when we quit or die so the destination isn't the important thing, it's the trip.

Enjoy the trip.


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Last name is Stick.    SF = Stick Forge.    Made from some leftover scroll work... experiments and a left over piece of Mahogany.   Carving tools from a buddy of mine that died last summer.    Black comes from Sharpy Marker on the wood.  Lettering ment to match the band KISS.   Not a big kiss fan btw...   Also matches my homemade touchmark.



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