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  1. My shop had OSB when I moved in. It's working fine and I think it's not too expensive.
  2. #12 Peddinghaus is around 250# I think. I hear they make a nice anvil.
  3. Ok let me be more clear. I saw the pile of ties, that's what caught my eye. The guys that repaired the track said the spikes that were lying all over the ground were being discarded. I didn't steal anything, nor am I admitting to a crime on a public forum. Thank you though for pointing out my lack of being thorough.
  4. I found a spot where there was a huge pile of cross ties. What had happened was they had made a bunch of repairs to the track. There were spikes lying all over the ground. I filled up a 5 gallon bucket in about 5 minutes. The stuff is out there. WARNING in the USA this is a federal offense. IFI does not condone stealing from rail roads, nor is it advised that one makes a public confession about the crime
  5. Thanks for all the info. It's really cool that someone keeps so much knowledge alive about a great American anvil/anvil co.
  6. I had a 66 Chevy long wide inline. 6, 3 on the tree and it was awesome.
  7. It could be. I know that later models didn't have the eagle. They had a sticker on the side that usually came off if I recall correctly
  8. Don't think it's a fisher, unless its from a different era. The bolt ears don't look right. Maybe its newer than mine. who knows. Pics of mine...
  9. Holy Cow!!!! Those are awesome!!!! Please tell me you sell these things? The only thing bigger than my collection of tools, is my collection of kitchen knives. I love cooking and there is little better than a good knife in the kitchen.
  10. He could mount it on a wall then whenever he did a good job he could back up to it and give himself a pat on the back.
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