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  1. Valentin

    IMG 3752

    Looking good ! Keep on working :)
  2. I am working on a mill for about 3 month now ...everything that can go wrong went wrong yesturday my 5hp motor failed Do you want to workthe materail cold or hot ? I see cold roling bronze ... well my mill has both of the rollers spining and i am using a single motor (using 2 probably will have different RPMS and will not work) my rolls are plasma nitrided for longer life
  3. Well... The cost of shipping is twice the price of the construction. I know that most of you can do the same quality job and the price will be smaller. I have declined the comision. I only try to help the person. I won't resell what you are doing that's why i gave the cusomer direct email.(And now i removed it due to his request but i will send it to anyone who is interested.Just PM or email me).
  4. Hello I just recived this order form a customer today. He is from US (don't know where exactly) and ...i am not from US so it's pointless to ship it over there. well if u whant to contact him and if you can make it i have atached a picture of the awning that he wants. Please contact me and i will send you his email.
  5. wow richard they look neat when and if i'll finish my knife i'll make some braclets to give to beautifful girls:)
  6. Avadon guided you right. Depending on what u need to cut u make the choise. If u cut really thick stock don't think on the abrasive chop saw. U also can consider this Milwaukee 6190-20 chop saw it uses a metal disk to cut metal. Less dust faster and straightter.(Loewer RPM than abrasive's one) I always wished for one but in Romania it's quite expensive. Go for one if u have lots of cuts and u want them fast. If u cut thick stock go for a bandsaw. This again is just my opinion and you can contradict me if i am wrong. I currently use a shop build chop saw(abrasive) after buying 2 BOSCH and ruined them at 10 hours/day cuts in 2 years.The most comon cut was 14x14mm sqauare stock.
  7. hello there :) yes ...been really buzzy with the new shop all day and night hardley time for anything ! how about you how's it going ?

  8. I know... well i had 4 opitons and all of them really bad : 1) go to the bank ask for big sum of money and pay all my life and risk loosing my house car and everything that i have in case the buisness will npt grow as wished. 2) asociate with somebody gives me the same amount of money and i give him 50% of the income 3) asociate with somebody else ...he will finish the investition and then both of our companyes will merge toghether (he has a welding shop with 8 employes) 50-50 from both company 4) another guy who was willing to give me the money in 2 month period. Well i chosed var nr.3 so it will be some sort of a merging 2 companys into a bigger one...have to admit that i am quite scared divermike: he was my competition not my friend hope that we will become friends and buissnes partenrs
  9. Hey guys ! you learned me how to forge now u have to learn me how to play the guitar i see everybody does that. I was to buissy with the shop to do anything else but i used to love to play pool (billiards) before blacksmithing . Oh and there is something else i enjoy and that is looking after beautifull girls and write on this forum.
  10. Because u guys share so mutch with me i try to share back with u every time something major happens in or with my shop and now something did. I just soled half of the smitty that i run... mostly because of 2 reasons: -insuficient founds to finish a new shop -unable to cope with all the stresses alone Any other blacksmiths here wotking in associations ? I was just curious if any and how does this work as a buisness ? If not i will let u know how it is to share 50 percent of the work/money What do u think did i made the wright/wrong choise ?
  11. Well i charge arround 10Euros/hour for every man that i have in my shop + iron(not material) and this is no metter what the man does welder/painter/forger/machinist. Some times i charge extra and some times i go lower but this is where i whant to be. There are about 25 people working in that shop and everybody does what it knows the welder welds painter paints and so on ...this means that there are little dead time that the customer has to suport. After a few years of making money out of blacksmithing and ironworking i realized one thing. Keep your price low and quality high .But than again i live in Romania and my prices may be different from yours.
  12. Man ... i really hate punching this big square holes in this small stock. I will defenetly be cheating this one...and to be honest i can't understand how u manage to slid perfect in the middle every time . Just a fraction of milimeter offcenter when u slid and the enire hole is ofceneter to... and this is what's happening on a press and a jig not by hand Not to mention doing them on angle. I will probably make the holes in a 90degres cut the middle of the hole put the element in on an angle and than weld and grind. I am sorry i have to admit this but i just whanted to let you know and to be honest. Thanks again for your suport and schetches everybody
  13. You ARE still alive!!!! Been a long time since we last chatted pal.

  14. Thanks guys for the explenations . I still have a few days until i need to start working on this holes. I'll probably use Hofi's schetch ... and do them nanual because by the time i am done making the dies for the presses and the drill i'll probably have them finished. So Hofi next time you are in Romania i'll have a cold beer waiting for you. Thanks for your help as always more than helpfull
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