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    wife 2 kids and i love to smith
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  1. i have a little more than a tone. i useally go when im at 1/2 a tone left, its rather hard to find around here for a good price, we useally have to band together and order a bunch , i tend to get 2 tones at a time.
  2. the ripper...can i call it that lol. 64 layer random patern welded steel , patinaed wrought iron hardware with a mahogany handle blade length 8" over all: 14"
  3. yup im sure ppl will pay for something like that for sure if they havn't already. let us know how it goes.
  4. lol, once you get a belt sander/grinder it'll speed things up dramatically and make it posible to creat more flowing lines, not that you wouldn't be able to do it by hand but it makes it that much faster.
  5. well, i forged the blade to as close as i could get it. i just basicly upset the end that curves by like 1/4" from the rest of the blade then started on the distal taper , when i finished forging i profiled with the grinding wheel then the belt grinder. finished sanding by hand. the guard is forged rough then belt sanded , i used a punch to make the hole the end cap was made the same way but i used a smaller punch, then i peened it over. the fittings are etched in viniger.
  6. that is just awesome man , just awesome! hope you get it and are able to recycle it and if not i hope that whoever takes it down does in fact restore it. real nice, there is nothing like that around here ...
  7. cool! like the hinge and the cabinet is nice to lol. gotta love the koodos he gives you too, soon your gonna get calls from 100 of craftsmen looking for doodads lol . fingers crossed anyway lol. real nice and congrats.
  8. gonna need some boar spears lol. looks like its going to be a usefull tool when the time comes.you did a good job with the edge grind.
  9. thx guys, he just got the pics and loves it so i cant wait to give it to him. this is my first knife going into service, i think its pretty awesome.
  10. here is the second kopis styled blade i have made. the blade is o1 tool steel and the fittings are stainless steel the wood is yellow birch burl, there is only burl on one side of the handle, that was all i could get with the tools that i have. the blade is 6 3/4" long the over all length of the knife is 13 1/2". this one is going into service with a budy of mine that is in the canadian armed forces, i hope it serves him well in the good fight.
  11. i agree, the best way to learn is to be shown how but if thats not an option read said books and look for vids online if all else fails that should at least give an idea of what to look for.
  12. the cable turned out pretty good, and the handle is very nice
  13. i like making diffrent knives with unique shapes(unique to me lol)as well as tools, bladed things and weapons of old, to think about how they would be used if they wher to be used wich they never are but they could be if they needed to lol, paying attention to balance and point of contact to get a nice fealling armament.
  14. nice, i think thats my main problem as well lol, lack of decent equipment.an open sander/ grinder would help alot. is that a 2"x72" or something along those lines?
  15. although all things made by smiths can be considered as art, being the craft itself is an art form but i have a hard time seeing a perfectly good peice of equipment wasted, that blower could be use to make 100's of artsy things for instance, to me its counter productive i guess...if i drive by a place that has blacksmithing equipment in there yard as ornaments i have no choice but to stop and talk to those poor ppl...maybe even yell lol, cant find tools to save my life and ppl have them displaid in there floor beds....
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