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I Forge Iron

How to make a perfect forge weld, every time.

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All y'all seem to be focused on wolves; well there is a much wider variety of were than just wolves!  I mean I worry every day that Charles will get bitten and end up a "were my little pony"  and the possibility that Frosty turns into a birch tree is pretty much self evident...take a good look at those cave walls and you might be able to find my portrait!  Steve's siberian tiger chops have got to be respected too. As for who is the were naked mole rat; well I promised never to tell...

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After trying to follow some of these posts, I am beginning to see why bottle openers are such a popular project for those that haunt this web site.  Evidently they were out quickly?  Perhaps those who take a shine to tipping a brown bottle with one hand and typing out blacksmithing rhetoric with the other should consider using something like 1080 for their openers so they last longer.  Tempered to light straw.  Meanwhile I am going to wash the mud out of my fur and try welding again later.

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