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  1. Conservation of mass seems to be what keeps me tipping the scale around 300#.
  2. Angelfire Forge

    Blacksmithing gems and pearls

    Spent 3 years down there. Xxxx is such a nice cool place, in comparison.
  3. Angelfire Forge

    Differential hardening with clay question

    If you allow the heat to migrate back into the hardened edge it will start to temper the edge. If allowed to continue it will continue to temper the edge back to it's original soft state. If you want the edge to remain as hardened, as quenched, continue to keep the edge cooled until the heat drops in the remainder of the blade to under 400 deg. The slower cooling of the spine will keep it in the tougher/softer state you desire. You can also quickly abrade the edge to reveal clean shiny steel and allow the heat to temper the edge, observing the color changes and re-quenching when the edge tempers to the desired light to straw color that yields a hard yet tough edge on the blade. Treating in an acid etch after cleaning may etch the different temper zones differentially and give you a visual indication of a hamon. Just my two cents. Terry
  4. Angelfire Forge

    Oregon blade maker 2x72 grinder

    Same as a 145T. Has a 7/8" output shaft. Just a bit more rigid than a 56T.
  5. Angelfire Forge

    Oregon blade maker 2x72 grinder

    Just bought one. I counted 3 models in their inventory. I bought the most expensive one with the aluminum wheels and bolted assembly for $549. Got it in 3 days and it looks to be of good quality and fit. I am using a 2HP Leeson 56HZ motor, has 7/8" output shaft for increased drive rigidity coupled to a 220 v single phase to 3 phase VFD. Will be able to give a better evaluation after I get through the work week and get it assembled. Oh yeah, the drive pulley was an extra like $40. I will be adding a 10" contact wheel and the small wheel set in the near future. Terry
  6. Angelfire Forge

    Tempering in oil

    If you are looking for glycerin, try Craigslist. I have seen several biodiesel makers giving away 55 gallon drums of the stuff. They usually just want it gone. Terry
  7. Angelfire Forge

    Angel Fire Forge

    These are honorary titles bestowed upon my by my bride, fraught of years of humbugging and disingenuous celebration of the holidays. While not forged of metal, they hang around my neck like the proverbial millstone of the bible. Regards, Terry
  8. Angelfire Forge

    Angel Fire Forge

    Thanks. Looking forward to attaining curmudgeon status to add to my Grinch and Party-pooper badges.
  9. Angelfire Forge

    Angel Fire Forge

    Just joined the forum and thought I'd introduce myself. I am just rekindling my interest in metal work . Have made quite a few knives by stock removal, but have always wanted to go the next step and learn to properly forge a blade. Also very interested in forging my own Damascus billets for making blades. Just bought a new Kanka 50 anvil and am currently working on forge designs to meet my needs. On a personal note I am 58 years of age, overweight, and overworked by the Angel in Angel Fire Forge my lovely wife of nearly 30 years. Hope to learn much and maybe be a resource for others. Terry