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Forge Welding Face Plate (pic heavy)

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Hey everyone! So I can not take all the credit for this awesomeness, I just "supervised" and reminded the guys to wear their PPEs, but here are some pictures from over the weekend. A few guys from PABA got together to forge weld a 20# 1" piece of o1 on to a 150# wrought iron anvil missing it's face plate (possibly mouse hole but unknown make).  I will say, it was SUPER HOT!  Still need to cleaned up and heat treat still.  I apologize I do not have the finished pictures, only ones from during the process.  I will try to get finished pictures from the others! Videos to follow at some point (I need to edit them still).


















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Lovely, thanks for the pictures!  I have an 1828 William Foster than needs a new faceplate and want to try that method someday.  

Postman suggested I weld the slab to a piece of wrought iron plate and then weld the wrought iron to wrought iron as William Foster used a rather coarse wrought iron for their anvils.

How much propane did they run through?

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That is aweing. Just the fact someone was willing to try that is inspiring, but to have the skill required to execute it? That is even more inspiring. I wonder if how many people have done this in the last 30 years or even since the last WI/steel faced anvils were manufactured?  

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Well they did it as the Friday Night program at Quad-State a couple of years ago. I know of a couple others, one was facing an anvil the owner had forged and another was a failure (used to be under Cajun Blackened Anvil---Hmm I note I posted about that one in 2001)

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Im not sure how many times it has been successfully done not in a manufacturing setting , but it isn't that many I don't think.  It was an awesome project to get to be a part of, crazy Ivan was directing , with help from a couple other guys from PABA. Even wearing welding gloves , welding jackets and aprons , etc we all walked away with blisters and burns, the amount of heat was incredible. Took a good 2 hours to get to welding heat.  We had a little delamination drifting the hardy to size after the 3rd heat , because we got it stuck , was way to short. But it was fluxed and re welded and it was fully welded by the end of the day. Welds were set with a hammer head attached to a long wraughy iron handle while it was still in the forge. The rest of the heats were 4 strikers and a gigantic flatter modded from a sledge hammer.  The next one will be way easier ;) and a water hardening steel will be the choice. 

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