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  1. I did it right before I purchased and was very good, but dont rember the %. If i get time, will repeat.
  2. Might be nice to know the type of steels/alloys you are working with to give more informed answer to your question
  3. I like the low layer count damascus better - Great job
  4. Type K pyrometer is a lot cheaper, but if you don't know temp range you are looking for, are you ready to take this bladesmithing on?
  5. Forge knife from scratch in minutes - I want a video!
  6. Thanks everyone - I have found it a nice place to live on my wall and use it once and awhile to slay pumpkins and watermelons. No blood to Thomas's dismay!
  7. If its only your second knife, don't worry about time it takes to make. You need to focus more on good techniques IMO
  8. well, he posted it in "swordmaking" section.....
  9. It appears to already have an edge, albeit a crude one.
  10. Please don't swing it as it appears the handle portion is pounded onto blade section by bending the steel around the blade portion. This would not be safe to swing. If it were forge welded, that MAY be different
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