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one-piece hawk

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hello, here's a hawk made by the specs given by the customer. he provided dimensions (aprox.) and a sketch. but it took me some inspiration and thinking to come up with the final design. in fact, the design developed step by step as I was working on the hawk. I started from a rectangular piece of approximately 20/8/1.2cm leaf spring steel. it was a lot of work, as usual much more than I imagined.










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To get the handle, did you split the spring lengthwise at the spike,and then bend it down 90° ?

I really like the overall design of this, although I may have done more of a hammer head instead of a spike for camp use.

Your customer should be very happy with this.

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I'm glad that you guys love it.

first, the specs were given by the client. he wanted a spike and that kind of pry-bar end of the handle. when I was testing it I felt nervous not about that pry-bar/chisel end, but by the spike. it was travelling to close to my face for my taste. me, too, I'd prefer a hammer end instead of a spike.

yes, the handle is burlap "micarta", and the black patina is from the forge. I did 99% of the shaping before HT, so just the bevels were finished after.

unfortunately I started to take pictures during the forging after the first and most important steps were already made, but here are some other pics:







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