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  1. Those are some beautiful blades! Great work! Sköl Viking
  2. Good on ya bud! As a born and bred Calgarian, I can say how big a deal that is, to have your work involved in anyway with the Stampede is amazing! Hold on to your white hat because I got a feeling you are going to be one busy man in the near future! Sköl Viking
  3. I haven't observed any cracking on mine, and I've had it for a few years now. It pushed on fairly easy, but I needed to use a wooden mallet to seat it all the way. One thing I failed to mention in my previous post, if you choose to do the slow soak in room temp/cold water, make sure to change it out as it gets cloudy, the water smells horrible, but if you don't, bacteria will form and could dis-colour or ruin your piece of antler.
  4. What I found to work very well with antler is; either boil it in water, or you can just soak it in cold water for a couple weeks to soften it. Then just push it onto your tang. As the antler re-hardens it grips the tang like concrete. That is the technique I used to make this KSO a few years ago, no pin, rivet or epoxy was used and it's still holding. However, it has developed a very slight wiggle so when I do it again in the future, I will use a pin/rivet for added support. Hope that helps some! Viking
  5. Man, Theo, you keep one upping yourself dude, another beauty! BTW a couple weeks back, they finally aired your episode of FIF up here, congrats on the win! It was awesome to watch, even though I read all the spoilers on here. Viking
  6. Thanks for the kind words fellas! I cut it with a standard cut off disc on my angle grinder. Most of the shaping on the sander. Pic#1 was right after cutting and pic#2 was after shaping. For the finger swell, I needed to use a die grinder to get the tighter radius. Thanks for the heads up C-1 and TP. I had thought about the quality of the steel. The blade I used for this knife was a bit older and didn't have carbide teeth, so here's to hoping. However, I cut a blank from the another that did have teeth (the half blade in pic#1), so I think will test a piece before I continue. I wa
  7. Thanks for the good words gents! I had very little issue with overheating. I used very light pressure, but I was also constantly quenching to keep the temp down, I dunked it every couple of seconds. That's correct! I drilled a few holes in the blank first, and then just epoxy. She just wanted a little light use blade for whittling and the like, so I elected to keep it simple and clean. Thanks again! Viking
  8. I made this little companion knife for my girlfriend. It was a quick and dirty stock removal job while my forge is down. The knife was cut from an old circular saw blade. The handle scales are made from a piece of cherry wood, hand shaped and finished with beeswax. Comments, Questions and Critiques Welcome! Thanks, Viking
  9. I've finally finished grinding, polishing and wrapping the handle; other than a sheath, this baby is done! Comments, questions or critiques welcome! Viking
  10. Hey Theo, This beaut came up on my Instagram with know reference to you, I hope you don't mind that I gave you a shout out and directed people to your YouTube. There were a lot of amazed people though, I told them if they thought it looked cool, they should wait and see how you made it! Still one of the coolest canister damascus designs I've seen! Viking
  11. I was told once, that in Scandinavia, a single beveled broad axe such as this would have also been used to limb felled trees. The woodsman would stand on the fallen tree and work his way down one side, and then come back up the other side, apparently using only one swing per limb. I tried to fact check this, but came back with mixed results, seems very possible though. Viking
  12. Hey SmeltingFish, I picked up the remote line from Canadian Tire in the camping section, but I cant seem to find it online, so here is the same hose from Walmart. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Stansport-5-Hose-Connects-Appliance-to-Bulk-Tank/10899099?action=product_interest&action_type=title&beacon_version=1.0.2&bucket_id=irsbucketdefault&client_guid=14dec516-b87d-4f9d-8b0d-2e924854c130&config_id=106&customer_id_enc&findingMethod=p13n&guid=14dec516-b87d-4f9d-8b0d-2e924854c130&item_id=10899099&parent_anchor_item_id=19897422&parent_item_id=19897422&a
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