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  1. Great looking knives as always. Looking forward to seeing the big blades done. You've developed a signature style. I could probably pick out your knife from a table full of knives forged and finished by other makers. Best of luck at the show. Robert
  2. Some good looking knives you've got there. I especially like the second one down in the picture of the group of four. It has a nice profile, and seems rugged. Welcome back! Robert
  3. Theo, I absolutely love the profile! Everything else is a matter of personal preference. Aside from the guard, it somehow reminds me of an antique bayonet. Great blade. Robert
  4. I'd say you do at least that much, or more a year.
  5. How many swords have you made over the course of your career? Every time I see JPH as the poster, it is mandatory that I click on the topic. Your work is alway outstanding, and even though you joke about "puttering around", I know that your standards have always been of the highest order. Thank you Robert
  6. Good looking knife! I like the blade profile. How did you secure the hidden tang? I'm curious about the handle. Are you left-handed? It seems customized for that purpose. Again, well done.
  7. Matei, that is nice looking from every angle. I especially like the geometry of the spike. Robert
  8. Nicely done. That is the style I prefer also. However, I do appreciate smoothly finished knives as well. Every knife that I have ever purchased is of the latter variety. It wasn't until I started dabbling with knife making that I learned of other possibilities such as Brut de forge. This forum covers a wide spectrum of possibilities. Robert
  9. JHCC, thanks for the link. I saw this video a while ago. I forgot all about it. Those men were highly skilled craftsmen. It is a shame that they are gone.
  10. Would this Finnish hewing axe be an example of wrapping a high carbon bit over the edge of the blade instead of Imbedding it? Thomas has mentioned that option many times, but I've never actually seen done before.
  11. If having a warped mind were all that it took to do what you seem to do so effortlessly. Robert
  12. I really like this knife, as I said in my previous post, but have to add a comment about your sheath. The scalloped edge is almost a mirror image of the spine of your knife. Interesting and unexpected. Well made sheath. Robert
  13. You,Sir, have a heart of gold!
  14. I guess that would be out of the question for me. They are a rarity here, but as always, thank you for sharing your knowledge. Robert
  15. Michael, the shape looks good. Are you planning on sculpting the bowl with files? I think that would be part of the fun. I wonder what purpose that pipe previously served. Robert
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