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  1. Made no claims to being a great knife. Just found the process rather interesting
  2. I knew aluminum was forgeable, but forge welding not so much, interesting video just the same
  3. somewhere on the bladesmith forums there are a few tools guys have come up with
  4. Whats your heat source. May need a few rotations in the forge. If one side is a little hotter, deeper than the other it moves easier. guess the other thing might be are you moving around the anvil while striking? Tend to pull or push a little on the strike and by moving around it tends to average out
  5. Cool little vise, almost looks like a lock washer on the screw
  6. I'm thinking keep the profiles that are there for now and if you need something different it's easy to modify later. Depending on how nicked or dinged the faces are they may or may not need a little cleanup. My hammer that is similar has one face slightly rounded, think the face of a pocket watch and the other is flat with nicely radiused corners for making tapers nice and flat.
  7. Please do post more. Always interesting to see just whats out there
  8. heres a link to a similar tool.
  9. makes me think of a wire fence splicing tool. just not sure where or when I may have seen something similar.
  10. A local guy does all sorts of mine exploration. He recently went on a trip to Mexico. This particular video has all sorts of old foundry, smelting and a peek at a blacksmith shop.
  11. there was a show on history or discovery a few years back about coastal tree fallers. they would climb the tree with spurs and a belt limbing as they went. top, tie off and throw a small grapple and rope over to the next tree lower themselves and pull over to the next tree and rinse and repeat. can't remember what the show may have been called. but they were only touching the ground at the beginning and end of day.
  12. But it would have to be an African swallow as they are larger correct?
  13. Flower on the end of a garden stake.
  14. A friend shared this link with me. thought some else might enjoy it as well.