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  1. Flower on the end of a garden stake.
  2. A page on the Yakut knife

    A friend shared this link with me. thought some else might enjoy it as well.
  3. Folding sword

    Cool concept. I have seen a video of an Italian ? bladesmith working out of his back room making very large folding knives where the blade folded once as well. I believe the interview was in Italian as well. Not sure that I could find the it again if I tried but you may want to try out your google fu for a few more ideas to refine your idea
  4. a different Johny Pick

    I don't remember a tube in the candle loop. there is a little steel brush and it was held in via spring tension.
  5. Forgot I had these pictures from a few weeks back. A few mining displays at the local fall fair. A little different way of making a candle holder, Round for the hook flattened at the candle, octagon for the loop and then square for the spike. Thinking the hardest part would be getting the material spread just so for the holder and ensuring the ends alternate just right to overlap.
  6. do a few searches on traditional Japanese sword making. I believe they use straw ash and fine clay slurry for much of the welding to make a billet. may or may not be able to get it to work for your application
  7. Piston Pin Steel

    Not sure what configurations the trucks you work on are but if any are set up with bunks for logging. The stake springs uncoil to 20' feet of 1/4 round and it's simple to do stand a pipe or rod in the vise drop the heated spring over it and pull hard on the end and it just unwinds. Same with the short springs in mudflap hangers
  8. 500 layer laddered chef's knife

    I've wondered much the same Frosty. Read of that trick in some old gunsmithing book years ago for drilling holes for scope mounts on a receivers.
  9. what kind of musket parts were you thinking of making. Track of the Wolf has many little books on everything the barrel to the stock and all bit in between.
  10. 20170318_172303-1.jpg

    I'm sorry I'm not seeing any metal, need some references for context as well
  11. checkering files

    Never did get any checkering files. The checkering job has been done for a while. A few flaws that blended in rather well once it was all finished up. Far from perfect but for a cheap user quite satisfied with the end result. Very grippy and does what I need it to do.
  12. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    interesting rifle targets. be sure to post the final finished product. have a buddy that wants to play with gongs. always curious to see whats out there
  13. It followed me home

    After 4 dump truck loads of old carpets, clothing and miscellaneous crap found a few things I was allowed to keep. Busy day helping a great aunt clean out the sheds and barn were her son had been living before he passed. Big blower that runs super smooth. A small rivet forge, needs legs a crank handle , and un- seized. An old military pack frame in good shape. Bundle of fishing rods and reels, even a fly fishing setup or two, kids will have a blast on the lakes this summer Two outdoor burn sets that will be made into one for the wifes canning. Was heaps of interesting knick knacks but no room to keep it. Bet I could have filled a few five gal pails with various cast brass items he had collected over the years. Ton of odds and ends for tools but no room to get into them just yet and not much I didn't see for wrenchs and such that I don't already have.
  14. Punching an eye in SMALL round stock

    Wow!!! That is some impressive work in those gates
  15. Frustrated

    There's half a dozen different tong making videos out there that are just gold. Foremost of them is Brian Brazeal's video. Poking around in IFI have it running in the background. You'll be surprised how many times you glance up and watch this or that again and something new just clicks. Sounds like you have the number one trait to make a good smith and that's stubborness you haven't given up yet. Some of the first tongs I made I use A36 for the jaws and welded (arc) the rebar on for reigns.