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  1. Now that is a very pleasing knife. Has a simple elegance to it. When can I expect it to show up
  2. now just to further muddy the water how about fold out trays similar to this mechanics tray
  3. pause and back track slightly at the end of your bead and give it enough time to plump up a little and the thumbprints will disappear
  4. I think pillar files and checkering files are the same thing. Found this page and the different numbers equate to lines per inch so a cut 0 would be a 30 lines per inch file which is what Monte Kennedy uses to cut teeth in his checking tools. So just need a few spare coins and I can order something from a few sites... Thanks for the offer Stockmaker. may just take you up on it.
  5. Been googling a bunch of stuff lately. Brain is turning to mush trying to keep it all straight. Gotta bug someone else and the info you need pops right up next time your looking... unless murphy strikes Bought a set of Dem-bart checking tools for doing the woodworking end of things and off to a decent start. Trying to figure out if pillar files are the same as a checkering file... haven't found a good enough picture to properly compare. anyways that's enough moaning for now
  6. Anyone have a Canadian source for checkering files? I know MidwayUsa and Brownells has them. Playing with a rifle stock right now and may need a checkering file to make a tool or two to correct a few errant lines. I'm sure that somewhere in my travels I have had my hands on one. but just where and when... could have been when we helped Grandma move and was somewhere in the basement with an uncles tools that were divvied out... at any rate need to make a jointing tool to adjust a few spots
  7. Another good source for blackpowder kits, parts, and ideas is Track of the Wolf
  8. I really, really like those copper twists on the handle. Pretty sure I have a picture in my head of how you do it from your description, but would love to see a WIP on them just cause. Did I say I like them
  9. Start making a few socketed arrow heads and it's just a matter of scale from there. Hammer and anvil and a long piece of stock, spread the end into a nice even fan and roll into a cone. A set of scrolling tongs do a nice job of holding the socket end while forging the pointy bit. A very basic set of tools are needed. Not all sockets are welded, more of a bragging point than a difference in function.
  10. Use the axle on end and I don't know that you would even have to heat treat. Would expect it to be more than hard enough.
  11. Been many years but I have seen horse snowshoes in the mining museum in Rossland BC. If I remember right they were 10-12 inches in diameter. but I don't remember and harness for attaching them to the hooves,
  12. Might be a case of where you are more concerned with the flaws than any recipient would be. Perfect is nice but not always necessary. That will be a cool little key fob.
  13. well... Kinda figured that so many options from there.
  14. any idea what the lock plate may have come off?
  15. Not my area of specialty by any stretch, but could you not use steel/iron wire and file it off after everything is solidly brazed? Or maybe a larger diameter wire that wouldn't melt so easy.