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  1. I've had switches and brushes fail. Also something to check is if the wire in the cord is broken. Most likely spot is right where it is pinched entering the body of the grinder.
  2. Any heavy duty ruck shops nearby? A lot of Aluminum in a 22-24" semi rim Just a matter of breaking it up with sawsall or something
  3. Thanks for posting, been time well spent watching.
  4. Wife’s aunt sent me a picture of this thinking it is blacksmith related. Looks to be a set of saws and jewelry files. Any seen or used something like it.
  5. Started on a hammer yesterday. Heat treated today. A bit soft in the center of the face but edges hardened nicely. Peen skates agile really good. Back out and make a handle after a quick bite. Started out as a 5” piece of S-cam weighs right around 2.25 pounds by the fish scale.
  6. Dunno, it's always junk until you need it and within a week of tossing something, it would have been just the thing for whatever project is at hand... but then I have always had a shortage of cash and the packrat gene runs deep.
  7. Anyone know what these tongs may have been used for? They are a little tweaked and been made or fixed with an arc welder.
  8. Followed a few rabbit holes on Bronze Age casting and such. Socketed axes, swords Roman plumbata… This article discusses wear marks on socketed hammers. Something that stood out was a bronze hammer reworking a bronze axe cutting edge was more of a planishing action. Which likely makes for nicely work hardened cutting edge. https://exarc.net/ark:/88735/10244
  9. Went down a rabbit hole or two chasing interesting links. Went from Russian machinist making a 10 start left and right hand thread bolt and nuts, to really interesting stuff. Nearly have the 10 part series watched. Episode #3 he makes his file cutting chisels and files. #4 he gets into case hardening. There is bronze casting, experiments for a historical version of dyechem ? for layout, some techniques for soldering...
  10. Wonder how close the 'Stink Fish' would be to Roman Garum
  11. Thanks for the info guys. The video was rather educational Frosty. Learn something new
  12. A friend on FaceBook post a picture of this tool asking if anyone knew what it was. I've never seen anything quite like it before.
  13. Never figured it would be the most efficient way to cast but they do seem to be rather good at what they do. I've done just enough casting to know there are better starting materials to work with. At any rate thanks for the insight into the moulds Frosty.
  14. Wife sent me a video of casting large pots from recycled cans. They seem to have it down to a science. The sprues are just enough to suck down flat when they chill. Any ideas on what the moulds might be made of. Must have a fair bit of preheat in the mould to get the even fill.
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