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  1. Love this! Hello from a fellow Hoosier!
  2. That's a great idea! I had completely forgotten about that option, honestly. I think I will take this route next time. I have some 5160 that would weld nicely to it! Thanks, Michael.
  3. Hi folks, sorry should have clarified what exactly I meant by restoration. I would like to clean the rust off of the blade, and some dark tarnishing has occurred from 70 years of people testing the edge with their fingers. I recently spoke with the president of the San Francisco Nipponto Society, and he seems to think it was a Chinese made sword. I am awaiting another appraisal for confirmation. If it is indeed a chinese made sword with not much value, I will clean the blade and polish it myself, since it probably isn't worth much besides sentimental value. The saya does not close properly. It's missing a tsuba, etc. I'd like to polish it and clean it up, keep the old mountings in safe storage, and carve a shirasaya for it to sit nicely next to my two iaito and one shinken on my wall. I would love to one day take it to the dojo and see how it cuts, even. It's a bit shorter than most, maybe 2.35 or 2.3 shaku. If it is worth something, regardless of it's origin, I will pay to have it polished professionally.
  4. Thanks, Bob! This is folded. I really like this style, I find it easier than punching eyes. I can get these a lot straighter. It can just be hard to get enough meat for the poll unless you swap up to larger stock, which I am contemplating. I think my next experiment will be with 5/8 x 1 1/2 x 10 or maybe even 3/4.
  5. Hey Folks! Does anyone have any Japanese blade appraisers that are recommended? I have come into possession of a WW2 officer's sword through my grandfather. No signature on the tang, no hamon, etc. Would like to know the age and value. If it's worth something, I'll have a professional restore it. if it's not worth much other than the priceless sentimental value, I'll restore it myself. Thanks!
  6. My god, Owen, this is stunning! My goal is to cross the pond and enroll in one of your classes one day.
  7. Thanks, Gergely! Happy forging to you! Share photos of the one you make!
  8. Hey guys, here's one finished up recently. Forged from 10 in x 1.5 in x .5 in mild with a 2.5 x 1.5 x 3/8 in spring steel insert for the bit. I forged this to use with my chisel I forged a while back. We're adding a 125 year old red oak log cabin onto my parents log cabin from the 60's. The main goal of this project was to not only make some tools and use them the old way but to also put my heat treat through it's paces. This old red oak is hard... like $9 dollars worth of jawbreakers hard. So far, I'm completely ecstatic with how my heat treat is holding up. I did do this heat treat the old fashioned way though, not in my Paragon kiln. After quenching I waiting for my colors to change to where I wanted them and then quenched again. I know this is a pretty risky way to do a heat treat, but I really wanted to try things the old way. I did have to re-grind the chisel to have a bit less steep grind. The axe handle is proving to be a nice fit, too, being ash. I like working ash more than hickory, and it looks better to my eye. I've been using the axe to shave uneven surfaces and clean up the notches for our mortise and tenon on each log. Thanks for looking, guys! Happy Forging!
  9. I haven't decided yet, but I don't mind grinding to finish, though I will forge as closely to finish as possible. I'd like to grind clean once finished with forging, head again to restore the black scale/oxidation color, then move on to heat treat in which I'll wire brush clean after.
  10. Hey gang, I've been doing some reading about how well A2 performs as a steel for wood working tools. I found a good price on some A2 in the size I want for making wood chisels of various sizes. However, some places I'm reading for heat treat say you absolutely have to have heat treat foil and some say you do not for air hardening. Anyone here have any thoughts or experiences with it?
  11. Lord have MERCY this is beautiful.
  12. My favorite piece you've ever done, Owen!
  13. These definitely look like something a Forged in Fire champ would crank out. Good looking stuff, man!
  14. Theo, I don't think there's much to say other than "Beautiful!"
  15. You betcha! I am hoping to swing by the local lumber spot this coming week... the guy told me I could get a 5/4 straight grain ash board 8 feet long... I about jumped with joy! Ash available around here where Emerald Ash Borer has gnawed everything to bits? Yippee! Elmer is a genuine heck of a guy. Hope to get to learn more from him. His classes are great because i got to take LOTS of notes.