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any new year traditions in blacksmithing

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The OL Tale is what you are doing when you bring in the New Year is what you will be doing for the rest of the year . I try not to spend money ! However , I try to collect / receive money (not from family)  ,  be up and moving about, Not Smoking or Drinking for good Health reasons, and most of All be around my family & friends.


Blessings, Best Regards & Happy New Year IFI Family


Ret,Sgt. Yates & Family

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YEP -- I ck & make sure the forge is working draft is good & then that means I should ck gress & run PH :wub: then make sure all hammer's & tong.s are in good working order & ready for the New Year of forgen

ck the make new tool pile / list & see what not done & NEEDED :)


new year here is a bad time for the bar to many crazy & cops small town LOL 

I have more fun in the shop anyway & the beer is cheaper to :D


mite end up with a new / use glass torch so this could change ?

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a cursory googling says that "ringing in the new year" was related to ringing bells at the passing of loved ones, in that the old year has passed and now onto the new one.  so thats kinda like ringing the anvil for the passing of other smiths...sort of..  though i cant imagine anyone ringing their anvil 2014 times in the middle of the night! O.o

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