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  1. Thank you! lamentably my phone was out of memory during most of the recent work so I couldn't get any WIP photos ;_; but for the fuchi/guard I just used a piece of flat bar with a rounded edge to mimic the curve of the leather just beneath the choil and hammered over that to shape the sheet brass, lot of hammer-fit-file-bend-repeat to get it to fit correctly! For the kashira/pommel I built a stake(riveted together two pieces of flat bar I had on hand to build up the width then chopped off the corner and radiused everything on the 1x42) that roughly approximates the dimension of the tang p
  2. Recently finished my latest project, 3 years in the making, mostly rusting in a box, but this blade is finally done! Forged the blade in late 2014 (October sounds right, predates this phone though!) at the last ABS hammer-in in Tulare under the tutelage of Jason Knight, David Mirabile, Bill Stuart, Ray Laconico, and Michael Vagnino at various times throughout the conference. Special thanks to David for recommending "The Art of Tsukamaki" by Thomas Buck, such an incredible resource for Japanese style handle wrapping techniques, and to Ray and Mike for some blade grinding pointers (sorry guys, q
  3. I'm reasonably certain that member projects is more applicable than the Mokume forum, if not, I'm sure you know where the move button is. I have admired the excellent lock work shared by Nick and others here and elsewhere so I jumped at the opportunity to get a copy of instructions and materials to make a Viking era padlock myself. I decided to up the ante a little and make the materials a little more interesting though. The top and bottom plates are spare quarters mokume and the body is a sheet of copper with a design chased into it, subsequently filled with melted brass wire and m
  4. Here's a pic of the schedule, my understanding is that the greyed out boxes correspond to when that demonstrator will be demonstrating. There is a LOT of overlap, there is always a project going at the education barn, project continuation/open forge on the lower lawn, and usually 3 demonstrations happening at the same time. also some action shots of some of the demo's I caught in the afternoon; Jay Burnam-Kidwell using a hardie block and set hammer to forge out a tenon, and Tony Swatton showing a variety of sheet metal techniques on a scrap of aluminum. Loads of fun and good times to be
  5. I don't think I have see a schedule for demonstrator events yet either, just the hands on and workshop stuff. I will be heading over there shortly so I will try to remember to ask, if we are lucky they will have a paper schedule for attendees that I can snap a pic of and post. last call for the rest of you all to get your effects in order and get down to vista for the event!! hope to see some of you soon
  6. Put the money you would spend on a billet towards a Damascus making workshop IMO join ABS(sorry for the plug, but I've met a lot of great people through them, some tools, but many greats) and the Washington Blacksmith Association, they must have some kind of classes every once in a while.
  7. Excellent posts! Subscribed for the next lessons too, thank you for sharing!
  8. Anvils shall be struck as directed, with ferocity good luck with the replacement, I hope there is little to no excitement involved, except that of successful completion!
  9. Rob Thomas and Chad Nichols are household names in the custom knife community for high quality Damascus purveyors for stock removal knifemakers. George Palagonia of American Metal Xchange sometimes has Damascus or Timascus/Mokuti available. Tru Grit Inc has a section for blade steel stock that includes a selection of Damascus products dont hold yourself back from buying pattern welded blade stock to start with, it's a little more expense up front and a little more heartache when something goes sideways but otherwise it's just steel. Get the HT instructions from the supplier or
  10. Please do! Great organization and Vista is indeed an awesome venue and event
  11. Hey all! Been fairly quiet lately but wanted to post a reminder for my California friends and neighbors that CBA Spring Conference is once again at hand, and will be in Vista (just north of San Diego) at the Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum! Check out the website for up to date details and registration infos. Cheaper registration cutoff is presently April 10th, so strike while the iron is hot! (Shameless, I'm sorry >.>) http://calsmith.org/event-2418120 Demonstrator list as of this posting: Daniel Miller Brett Moten Monica Coyne Tony Swatton Gary Brown Jay
  12. Thanks Steve, that was a lot of fun XD I was going to feel bad for all that equipment in the rain...until they killed them all! O.o
  13. Add the tag "site:IForgeIron.com" without the quotes after your search words to search this website only, helps weed out a lot of clutter!!
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