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very old anvil

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Here in the States we don't consider anvils to be "old" till they are pre-1800; Many a smith is still working on anvils over 100 years old or older---I still hammer on one from 1828. (William Foster date stamped their anvils too)

That mousehole has another 100 years or even more of life left in it---get to hammering! (Hammering hot steel on the face is probably the best method of shining up the face of an anvil...)

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We colonials think that something is old if Sherman didn't burn it, Europeans don't think it is old unless the Romans didn't burn it. :o

I was flying to Baltimore to be met by Bill Gichner and travel with him to the Saint Louis Abana conference in the early nineties....mentioned only to qualify for blacksmithing relevance....and was exchanging pleasantries with the American beside me.

I shared my favourite Oscar Wilde witticism about the Americans and the British being "divided by a common language"

His offering was that the British think 100 miles is a long way, and the Americans think 100 years is a long time....

Which has reminded me that I was very impressed with the Fred Borchard's response when I asked him how far he lived from Tom Joyce (they had travelled to the Alfred conference together) "Oh about a day and half!"

Good chunky looking anvil by the way OP.

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@ Alan, a day and a half? You'd think he would have sold that old banger :)


Ha Ha!


It is true though, he didn't specify whether that was walking, riding, driving or flying!


I was thinking about it after posting the tale. He may even have said "quite close, about a day and a half" especially for my awestruck benefit! He did have a bit of a twinkle in his eye!



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