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  1. A friend send me these 2 pics of an anvil ive never ever seen before . Any info on it would be appreciated The enblem is a shining sun and the one hole is in front of the anvil .
  2. will check it out for markings , the weight is 250lbs
  3. oh yes Sir i did snap it up . The guy mentioned something about its from GERMANY ... Any more info on this type of anvil will be appreciated .
  4. I found this anvil today at a junk yard 250lbs , a bit neglected but overall in good shape,any info will be appreciated
  5. Thanks for all the info. Really appreciate it Merry XMAS to you all. And to you swedefiddle.May peace be with you
  6. A friend at a junkyard send me this pic just now. First time i see an anvil like this. ....... John Brookes saw makers anvil. Any info on it please. ?.. He will keep it for me untill next week......
  7. Thanks for all the comments, , i really thought it to be very old, but now i know better, yeahhh i will create something on it for the old man. Regards
  8. I found this old anvil today in an old mans back yard.. He gave it to me, with a few other odds and ends. Very happy with my catch of the day Must be very old ,date stamp 1898 Weight about 40kg
  9. Hi Jacques. Yes, the axes are from Tiaan, Neels, Hylton, and the other two damascus steel axes i got from a friend overseas.
  10. ASMEsecIX prices differ a lot, from cheap to rediculously expensive. Ive seen them going anything from R15/kg to R60 /kg. The exchange rate at the moment is about 1$=R10.50 Thanks Caotropheus. What is ASO'S
  11. A few forged zombie killing axes in my collection
  12. As promised , the pics of my other ore carts ,cocopans and forged zombie killing axes
  13. Its beautifull. If ever i get to the USA , i will visit you . I dont have a fisher anvil in my collection yet , would love to have one
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