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Be very conservitive with the clean up, absolutlu dont let any one near it with a mill, blanchad ginder or habd grinder. When you get some more experiance you may want to blend the chioed edges (they make good forming and drawing serfaces) but wait untile you have learned her perticulR moods first. 

Welcom to the funny farm

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thanks for the advice.  

I took a hand file and cleaned up a few of the high spots on the horn and face.  Looked like someone was using a punch on it or something.  In any case, I appreciate the warning!  

Not sure if this is a good anvil 'cheese cake' shot or not, but there it is.

Another thing I was wondering:  are the square openings on the end of the base and underneath from casting or are they used some way in anchoring the anvil to the base?





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That is very cool...er, well, not "cool" but hot, you take my point.  That makes it even more interesting.   I guess each one is a little unique.   Thanks for the info!

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I've got a pretty nice 207# PW. It has very good rebound and rings like a bell, even though I wrapped chain around the base and then bolted the chain down to my steel anvil stand with grade 8 bolts. I may try gluing some rubber bits to it underneath to try to quiet it down some...has anyone ever done that? Does it work?

Will try to post up some pics soon.

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Our "new"  Peter Wright 345Lb.

We (Son & me) were  messing around- researching  heat treating A.S.O. from E-Bay or

finding rail track to hammer on, but when I saw this I fell in love, and got it for him.

Some twit painted it,and it's not without dings, but it rings all over (Loud!) and has real good bounce and no massive divots.

Don't know if I got shafted on the deal as the market is all over the place here,

I paid  US $2.50 per Lb. + US $78.  to the delivery chap.

Anyway it's his now, I retain bashing permission for life, but it belongs to my Son (Jim),and he earned it.

Loving the forum and reading my way through it slowly, big thanks for the posters depositing the mass of knowledge here.

Next step is to test Jim's welding skills fabricating a belt grinder.



Am I strange to love the feel of the curve from under the body to the horn?

kind of sensual...







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It's called the cutting plate and is just one of the many features you could get an anvil with or without in earlier times when factories would do custom orders.  I never use mine for cutting so I would not miss it at all .  Looks to be in great shape and the England on the side should indicate a late 19th century/early 20th century date (1910 is often cited as the date for the addition but earlier stamped ones are known)

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I recently picked up a 138lbs Peter Wright off of craigslist. I could only talk him down to $500, but I don't feel To cheated as it IS a fairly nice looking PW

the edges could be better, and she doesn't have that great of a ring, but I like her.


I couldn't find a tree stump I liked, so I made one out of 4"x6"x8' cut to 22inches, glued and bolted together

I ended up having 8inches of 4x6 left over, cut corner to corner to add stabilizing feet to the stump... just in case







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Hi first post here. I just picked up a PW at an auction yesterday. It's my first anvil. I think I have the same anvil as smithatheart however it sure looks like mine is stamped with "T  T  T18".  Mine also doesn't say "solid Wrought" or "England" on it. Does that mean it was made in America?  Is there anyway of knowing how old it is.

I cleaned it up with a wire brush and it still rings like a bell with pretty good rebound. I'm pretty darned excited!



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Welcome aboard, glad to have you. If you'll put your general location in the header you might be surprised how many of the Iforge gang live within visiting distance. As Thomas said in an earlier post there's no telling what folk stamped in the anvil from the maker, retailer, company, inspector, folk testing their stamp sets, etc.

What's it weigh on a scale? It looks to be in darned good shape, just broken in a bit generations of good hard work left in that fine old lady.

Frosty The Lucky.

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I had a wonderful surprise yesterday when I decided to give my anvil another close look.

I was so excited to see a "ETER" a "IGHT" and a "TENT" above the hundredwieght markings. So now I finally know what I'm working with, a 176lb Peter Wright! And it was just given to me, its like a sign from Thor that I'm on the right path! 



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