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  1. Love the idea of putting in the lounge room
  2. some of mine , oh and my drill bit collection as well. i have another 612 buffalo in pieces, once i mount them all i will post photos of them completed, so many projects so little time. have found a Sears post drill for sale , i don't have a Sears { yet}
  3. My 2nd Peter Wight , post 1910, 0-3-26 {110 lbs} . Photos show it sitting upon my 305 lbs Peter Wight
  4. Just picked up my latest anvil , a little pocket sized Peter Wright 0-3-26 {110 lbs} post 1910. good rebound , but I have no history of the anvil , the chap i got it off was given it 10 years ago used it once as an anvil then used it as a step in his shed for the next 9 and a half years, so where and when it was sold new and places it worked are lost forever. ]
  5. Just added another to the collection , Picked up this no name cast iron steel faced pre 1950 anvil , it does have the cwt on it, 2-0-14 { 238 lbs or 108 kg }. Picked it up on Sunday from a farm in the Mena Creek area { FNQ , Australia } where it had been sitting in a corner of an old stables come tractor shed for many years collecting dust. I say pre 1950 because the family that is selling the farm now, took over the farm back in 1950 and the anvil was in the shed then, so I don't know how old it really is or for that , the brand either. The only other markings on the anvil is " 1 1 " in the centre the toe of the front foot. Came with 2 hardy tools and a pair of light tongs. One of the hardy tools has the brand of " PLUMB AUST. PTY. LTD." stamped into ,this company started using HYTEST FORGED TOOLS as a trading name in 1946 because of the usa brand Plumb inc. , and the company was sold in 1965 to the Trojan tool company. Cast iron is far from the best material for an anvil but I could not walk away from it . Now I own the best door stopper in the street.
  6. and .... check out the mounting plate, it has the holes in it to fit the 616 { you can see which ones it used } or the 612 drills, the 612 is a smaller body drill and line up spot on with the plate. I have never seen a metal mount before and at first thought someone had homemade it , but it has the fit for the smaller drill. I am wondering is this a rare find . If anyone has seen one of these plates before please let me know.
  7. I have started the overhaul on 616 , so hopefully this is the cog you are missing, otherwise let me know which other you need looked at. it stands 3.3 inch tall, the cog teeth are 3 inches across and .8 inch broad , the centre is a .7 inch bore , there are 23 teeth. if you are missing this cog then you don't have the 8 inch shaft and the flywheel ? the cog is different to the 612 one in the way it is offset to the main body { and has the prevision for the handle to be fitted for the second speed }
  8. Just picked up a 616 for $100 , the only thing wrong with it { other than it needs a overhaul} is the weight for the racket and pawl has snapped off, this I can and have replaced before on another of my 612 drills. ..................BUT , the best be is that it has it mounting plate , which I have never seen before. this makes 3 Buffalo Forge Post Drills , One day I will have the whole set.
  9. nice job, any chance of getting close ups of the other 2 in the back ground of the 2nd photo
  10. Here is my attempt at making one , have not really used much, one of those things you see and think I can do that and then find you didn't really need it anyway , a couple of different dies made and it works ok ,I just don't use it.
  11. I forge the spring and mount collar and plate on my 6 inch, the spring I used an old car leaf spring { don't quench the spring , I found that out the hard way }. I never did take any photos of the forging but here is the finished product. before , as bought and after mounted on railway line stand and bolted down
  12. This is mine, it is 14" x 14" x 4.5" and weighs a little over 154 lbs. {70kg}. It was given to me by a mate ,who, for over 20 years, had used it as a counter weight on the back of his bobcat and before that it was keep in his shed as something to trip over , he had no idea what it was and can not remember when or where he got it from. So sadly I don't know the manufacturers name or the full history of it , but it does show the signs of heavy use by a blacksmith. At the last swap meet there was a chap trying to sell an Alldays and Onions swage block for $600 { the same size as mine and almost the same patterns } , I offered $300, and well , he still owns it.
  13. $300 is a bit rich, I would of tried much less, I have 1 Buffalo and 2 Rapid blo blowers and the most I have paid was $140 . But in saying that ,none of them had a forge with them , that I had to build myself . So if you are unable to built one for less than $160 then it is a good buy.
  14. this was my first tuyere and clinker build.
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