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Heat treaters guide App

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I just received this email from the ASM who produce the Heat treaters guide which is the bible of industrial heat treating and costs about $250.  I don't have a smart phone so cannot currently download the app,  but I definitely will be when I get a smart phone. Sounds like it is a free app and would be well worth downloading even if there was a nominal cost.



Materials Park, Ohio - October 8, 2013. ASM International and the ASM Heat Treating Society are pleased to announce the recent release of the Heat Treater’s Guide Companion, now available in the Apple and Google App Stores.

The free app provides ready reference data on nearly 170 carbon and alloy steels and includes information on chemical composition, similar steels, characteristics, forging instructions, and recommended heat treating practices and processing sequences.  The app is geared towards engineers, metallurgists, technicians, sales engineers, and managers so they can quickly access the data conveniently at a client’s site, on the shop floor, in the lab, or at the office.

The app was developed so it can be used by itself or as a companion to the popular and trusted ASM International Heat Treater’s Guide print and online database products, which provide additional heat treating information such as representative micrographs, isothermal transformation diagrams, cooling transformation diagrams, tempering curves and data on dimensional change.

“More and more, ASM Heat Treating Society members and other industry professionals are requesting mobile access to data and information needed to accomplish work-related tasks.  The Heat Treater’s Guide Companion is a first step in responding to that need, providing users with a fast, easy way to look up steel heat treating recipes,” stated Roger A. Jones, HTS President and Corporate President of Solar Atmospheres. “The app has generated a lot of interest and excitement within the heat treating community, and we’re excited to be a part of that.”

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Update: Okay, i like it.


It gives simple written guidelines, without all of the confusing charts, graphs (which I'll admit, just confuse me more than anything else).  For each type in its database, it gives you the following:


DESCRIPTION (i.e. 1095 - Nonresulfurized Carbon Steel)


Chemical Composition:

Techno-jargon..... etc, etc, etc.


Similar Steels:

- lists a bunch of other U.S. and/or 'Foreign' standards / names



Basic written description of the steel, and its common uses.

i.e. for the example of 5160 it says something along the lines of 'considered a high-carbon alloy steel. As-quenched hardness of 58 to 63 HRC is considered normal. Used for a variety of spring applications, notably flat springs', etc.



Heat to (temp in both C and F), do not forge below (temps).


Recommended Heat Treating Practice:

Gives simple instructions on how to Normalize, Anneal, etc.  

i.e. to anneal 5160 for a 'predominantly pearlitic structure', heat to 830 C (1525 F), cool rapidly to 705 C (1300 F), then cool to 650 C (1200 F) at a rate not to exceed 11 C (20 F) per hour.

And so on for each type of process.


Recommended Processing Sequence:

i.e. (again for 5160)



Anneal (preferably spheroidize)

Rough Machine

Austentize and quench (or austemper)

Temper (or austemper)

Finish Machine


All in all, I'd say a lot of the info we'd be looking for, for most of the types of common steels most of us would be using, without the price tag for the full manual.  Definitely worth while downloading, if you have a smart phone (or an iPad).

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Frosty, how did you get it to PC? (or do you run a Mac?) I tried to install but its looking for my phone because I have software that my phone installed when I use it to dl pics...


I don't know how Frosty did it, but here is how I would do it for a PC:




It is an android emulator for your PC.  Should work well with the app.

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using the PC program to emulate the cell phone, so the HT app will run.  No cell phone for me here.


You are wise, Steve. They are, in deed, the work of evil, and no good will become of them. I think they are just a fad, anyway! :ph34r:

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Agered......I am the only person Iknow who does not own a cell phone.......I bought an android tablet so that I could have all the apps and portability.....without the phone or phone plan!  So, sorry steve cant help you with the install!

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From an old fashioned guy who has no cell phone and had to look up the meaning of app. When I started learning about blacksmithing in the mid 1960's, I found a U.S. Government Printing Office booklet, 1966, that has helped me over the years, It is National Bureau of Standards Monograph 88, "Heat Treatment and Properties of Iron and Steel."  Admittedly, one must be circumspect in its use, because some material may be outdated, but it is surprising the amount of heat treatment info that can be applied to current steels on the market. It is on line free at Google, Books.

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