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  1. The bolt isn’t too tight as that was the first thing I checked. I might just re-arc the spring and it would be easier than cutting out a new one. I did oil the cheeks but I didn’t take it apart. If I pull the jaws apart they separate pretty easily.
  2. The whole vise is in quite amazing condition. The screw box and screw are in excellent condition. The only problem it has in the spring doesn’t really push the vise open but I have a leaf spring to replace it with.
  3. Well I picked up my first post vise today. I found it at an antique store in Comfort, TX. It’s a 4” Peter Wright post vise. I think for $160 I got a pretty sweet deal. It’s in amazing condition. Now just to browse for a decent way to mount this sucker.
  4. It wasn't my first attempt at tongs. Just the only ones that worked. It started as 3/16" x 1" fullered and twisted. Reins were very badly welded on. I hate Flux core welding wire.
  5. Finally forged my first pair. They're ugly but they work.
  6. All of these ideas sound so great. I understand the hazards of plated metals as I do a lot of hobby welding and offroad fabrication. Sometimes to make something work you gotta use zinc coated material.
  7. Not too far for me but too far for my wife. She thinks the idea of buying scrap metal is stupid.
  8. This needs to be stickied for everybody. It already is, what more do you want ?
  9. Would they be worth the effort to grind down into a punch or drift though? I have no idea where to get tool steel without having to drive to a steel supply and the closest scrap seller is on the other side of town plus I wouldn't know what to look for.
  10. Has anybody repurposed a socket/ratchet extension for different uses. I made a bottom fuller out of one and now I'm contemplation grinding a couple down to make a punch and drift. Any advice or is it a bad idea? Happy hammering Robert
  11. Texas is actually quite humid. We usually have around 75% to 85% humidity.
  12. This is my first ever forged project. Vise grip tongs and a cresent wrench to make the twist. Railroad spike bottle opener. I just hope it works.
  13. The most straight forward approach. Perfect. I guess it helps that I did both commercial and residential electrical at one point. I'm going to use this to as a guide line when I build mine once the wife and I move out of this over zealous HOA binded neighborhood.
  14. I actually already checked out their site. I'm already an ABANA member too. I'll have to try and make a trip up to Balcones Forge.
  15. I completely agree with this statement. Maybe 5 or 10 years down the line I might consider myself a blacksmith, but for now I'll stick with this.