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  1. if theres a slight bevel, am i still good?
  2. (15 x 2) = 30 30x2 = 60 60x2 = 120 We have sent you messages in the past suggesting that you pay more attention before you post things. You apparantly failed to read those. so I am forced to post it here. Your constanyly posting with out paying attention, makes threads confusing and over complicated when you post of the wall like this. If you would read more, rather than worry about what to post, you would be able to learn.
  3. <starting layers>•(2)•<number of folds> 17^5= 1,419,857 layers (17•2)5 = 170 layers It is not exponential in growth. So here ya go. actually it is exponential, It is your math skills that are lacking
  4. How do you tell if the screw box is in good condition?
  5. I just use my old belt SANDER I got from home depot. kinda like this one. works great as long as you don't push down real hard
  6. If anything, air in between the layers would make it heavier XD Glad others got a laugh from this.
  7. The point of my post was misunderstood. I build muscle very fast and I am asymmetrical. when I use a heavier hammer, i'm afraid it will be worse. what exercises can I do to balance this?
  8. I was browsing some forums the other day, looking for what folding steel actually does and came upon a funny comment. Although I cant find the link, I remember the post word for word. So, here it is. "Folding the steel makes the blade stronger and sharper as well as making the blade lighter. Folding makes the blade lighter by trapping oxygen in between the layers to make it less dense." I laughed a bit at "makes it sharper", but I was dying when he said that "it makes the blade lighter by trapping oxygen in between the layers!" If there was oxygen in between the layers, you are doing something VERY wrong. Anyways, though someone might enjoy this.
  9. I am planning on making a hammer to the best of my abilities soon, but am still a little nervous about it. just finished some tongs and i plan on using my guillotine tool to fuller.
  10. PPE is necessary, but sometimesyou can go too far to the point where it's unrealistic.
  11. As long as it is thick enough that it won't bend, you can use any old metal scrap out there for hot punching. I like my punches about 1/2" to 3/4"
  12. What is the meaning of "hammermandel" I think that's jaw you said it. On the shoulders of the jaws. You said "now we draw the shoulders to what is called a ham-muh-maun-del"
  13. Hi again guys, I want to get into working copper and was wondering where I can get the cheapest copper stock. 1/4" is pretty much what i will use. I am wondering if speedymetals is a good place. Thanks!
  14. Thanks for the explination. I am going to keep running my current system for a few weeks until I can afford a hand crank. I'll be safe and thanks for the advice.
  15. True, but how do I keep the other arm equal? I am a stick on one side and the difference between shoulders is already showing
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