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  1. My first post leg vise

    I didnt go all that heavy JHCC, and i removed any excess that was expelled when i reassembled. Good tip though
  2. My first post leg vise

    I just picked up a Columbian also, finished the clean up and some fresh grease on the pivot and screw, plus a good wipe of boiled linseed oil on all the rest. It doesnt have the bracket or spring, but thats what smithing is for...isnt it
  3. Local smiths on Long Island

    Ill check, thanks Glen
  4. What is it?

    its an old nail puller. I use mine still. Great old tools
  5. Help me identify the manufacturer please

    Thanks for the quick replies, I'm picking up a fresh wire cup for my 7" angle grinder this week and I'm hoping to get a clearer Mark showing up. Once I get the surface rust off I'll give it a coat of linseed oil and hammer on!!!
  6. Help me identify the manufacturer please

    I just picked up this old gal, 150# with a flat face and a nice ring. The only markings I can find are the remnants of the letters N.Y. on the side. I' thinking it' a H-B, any thoughts?
  7. Hello forum, I'm Mike and I live on Long island N.Y., Suffolk county and I'm wondering if there are any members living out my way. I generally forge small items that I sell online, bottle openers, leaf keychains, some knives etc. I' like to find some like minded people who enjoy the art.