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  1. Born in 1956 in Germany Helena carries a 100 KG punch she was never used to the full potential just flattening pipe for railings. We fell in love 15 years ago as I entered the shop There she sat alone, no one knowing how useless she felt. Three years ago she was deemed redundant, she was moved to the warehouse waiting for the scrap truck to arrive, I begged to save her but the massive company said no. So I got my friend at work, he said I can buy her for twice the price of scrap as scrap. Yesterday she came home with me. i will set her up in the shop and she will once again feel fulfilled
  2. We had a demonstrator from England come over all he uses is a side blast forge. He is a Master in his trade all the forge welds are done without flux, in his demo he must have done a hundred welds small one large ones all stuck all looked great. After the weekend was over I decided to build a water cooled side draft total cost about 40 dollars as I had lots of material around all I bought was 20 feet of 6 inch by 1/8 flat bar for the pan. Welds great you have to keep it going as I use coke no breaks as it goes out rather fast but a new experince in forging
  3. Not wishing to repeat myself we had a wonderful gentleman from England demonstrate for us Paul Allen. Using a side draft forge he must have done a hundred forge welds with no flux . Latter on in the week I built a similar forge there is a higher frequency of forge welds with no flux succeeding than wit a bottom draft forge I do not know why. Just a thought
  4. My shops are all sheds with big holes and slots in them . As the winter storm just finished there is 6 inches on the ground and 1 inch in the shop. I have a two inch thick table which i heat up with a propane torch one hour and its 75 degrees also anvils are ready to work. Just about -11 F in there right now coffee and breakfast and ready to go.
  5. Most farm stores can get a lacing vice assembly I have one for my round baler and I frequently take up the slack on my Beaudry about 50 dollars it can lace up to 8 inches very quick and accurate
  6. I do a lot of demos, after the first one or two I looked around and at one point there were at least 10 small kids with parents around the anvil. That was the last time I used iron after that it was all copper, would get hot just like iron it flows and forms and it works out fine they dont know the difference but best of all no sparks All are happy
  7. 250 lb something dont know dont care just works
  8. Up here in Ontario we get cold -20F. I us a propane tiger torch to heat my anvils or I use a one inch piece of steel heated up in the forge and leave on top to soak in we did this in Germany when I was a little kid. If i dont need the anvils and just do some hot work I use my big girl 600 lbs of some sort of steel works great
  9. Great film I can see the pride on both ends
  10. Ok I Have a Beche 100 kg to install and just trying to figure out my needs for a footing Is the young girl ready to be powered, up lets see her run.
  11. Glad to see it was nothing major. What kind of footing do you have for your LV2
  12. Have you opened up the top and checked the seals, I agree it looks like it is loose and if the pressure is not holding up the hammer your seals may be an issue
  13. your anvil is too high the long side bolts are to go through the holes in the anvil then the spring then the bolts, the anvil and hammer must be separated with hard wood about one inch
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