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Viking sword


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Here is my latest sword.

The sword was commissioned in 09 but due to changed circumstances the client could not complete the purchase until now.

I enjoyed having the blade around for that time. It is a substantial sword for a substantial client, a great big viking of a chap.

The blade is forged with a 4 bar intermittent twisted core of 15n20 and 1080, the edge wrap is 700 layers of same.The Runes are etched into the blade or rather they are resisted and the blade etched around them. I am not sure that I would have the balls to forge weld runes into a completed complex patternwelded blade even now.

The fittings are bronze and the guard is lost wax cast and the pommel is fabricated (mostly by tom ward when he was here) the original pommel I cast was too light (it will be appearing on a smaller sword soon...). the pommel is one piece . If I were to make the sword again I would go two piece. the hilt fittings are loosly based on one of the swords in copenhagen museum.

 The handle is wrapped leather.

 I have tried to give the sword an aged look , it was commissioned as a piece to be a heirloom and the client wanted it to look like it already had some age .

 It is amazing how different the feel and presence of a finished sword is to the presence of the blade and fittings... anyhow .....thanks for looking.










close up of the tip of the blade showing all the layered goodness...



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Beautiful work Owen , Dont I know you from British Blade forum ???  you work has really improved by leaps and bounds


 James   ....   Bubbasan forge


Hi James, yes... one and the same...

 I have 3 of these blades to do in Jan / feb and possably a couple more for myself.     so a bit more to show and tell when they are done.

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